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It has been an exciting week in #TheLab with our digital marketing assistant, Phoebe passing her Level 2 apprenticeship, she is very excited to be starting her Level 3 Digital Marketing next week. Members of the team have been working on a range of web development projects this week, which we are all excited for the launch of several clients new websites to happen. Earlier on in the week Richard set off for his holiday in his caravan, which the weather isn’t looking too hopeful for! On Thursday Jodie and Jess went to a networking event at Doddington Hall where they got the opportunity to interact with other businesses. In this week’s Lab Weekly we have stories including Moz undergoing major changes and news on Pinterest Click-to-Play Ads.
Moz Focuses on Search
There has recently been some big changes happening at Moz, they are now going to focus on core SEO including rank tracking, keyword research, local listings, duplicate management, on-page, crawl and links. They will no longer be offering Moz Content or Followerwonk.

lab weekly mozIn 2012 Moz invested in a broad feature set, serving all aspects of inbound marketing. They hoped this would increase retention due to providing more value to customers. However, this added a lot of complexity to the business and didn’t result in the growth they expected. After a lot of planning and researching Moz have decided to simplify their strategy and focus more on what they love and what their customers will value from them, which is search. Reducing the complexity means they can create space for investing in the technical and business infrastructure that they need to support growth.

To make this organisation work Moz will be asking about 28% of Mozzers to leave, this is a decision that the people at Moz are very upset about.
The positive’s of these decisions mean that customerswill enjoy increased investment in core SEO featured. Moz are very grateful for the community support they have and are looking forward to making SEO software that all customers love.
Google Duo
Google Duo has been announced at its developer conference earlier on in the year and is thought to be a big competitor to FaceTime. Unlike FaceTime however, the video calling app is available on both Android and iPhones which could give it an edge. The app is supposed to work even on slow connections making it easier for people to connect; it is however, exclusive to mobiles.  
The biggest feature of Google Due is called Knock Knock, this allows users to see live video of the person calling them before they answer it. When answered, the video carries on with no lagging or loading, eliminating the awkward start to most calls. This feature however, is thought to only be available on Android phones, which could suggest room for improvement. The feature is only available for contacts already saved into your phone so you don’t have to worry about seeing strangers trying to ring, it can aswell be turned off altogether if you wish.
Pinterest have launched their own spin on video ads, unlike video ads on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest’s won’t play automatically. When users scroll past these ads, a few frames of the video will play without sound but the whole video, which can be up to five minutes long, won’t play unless tapped. Yes, tapped. These ads are exclusive to mobile and can be formatted both horizontally and vertically and even square. The ads however, have to be paid for by the brands even if no one chooses to actually watch the video; the GIF-like frames of the video that are shown initially will be what advertisers are paying for. These frames of the video are styled as Pinterest’s already existing Cinematic Pins which cost, so alternatively it is like a free upgrade to video from the Cinematic Pins. Advertisers will pay for every 1000 views of the GIF style trailers, they will receive metrics for how many people viewed the actual video and for how long. Advertisers can also choose which frames they would like to show in the video trailer GIF.
Available in both the US and UK, these Promoted Video ads are only accessible through a sales rep at Pinterest although there are plans for Pinterest to expand them to their regular ad buying tool.

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