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We are thrilled to announce we are collaborating with Stonebow Media in their upcoming event, Tech Week.  We are holding a Digital Marketing Morning where there will be a complimentary networking breakfast from 8:30 and talks from our in house experts, Hayley, Jodie and Richard. For more information or to book head here.
In this week’s Lab Weekly we have lots of updates from Google, including IOS finally getting Google Maps timeline and much more.

Digital News This Week

IOS Finally get Google Maps Timeline

IOS users are finally getting the timeline feature that has been available for desktop and Android users, this small features allows you to see the places you have visited along with the specific period of time. There is also a little note which says something similar to “You last visited this place 2 days ago” or something similar depending on when you last visited of course, you can also edit the location and remove the info regarding your visit frequency.

Google Style Ideas

Along with the ‘Similar Items’ update we spoke about last week, Google have also mentioned a new feature in which style ideas will be provided based on various searches you make. This new small feature is similar to the recent update but instead it will allow you to see real life options, such as which shows go with which outfit, or whether those jeans and that jacket clash! Google had this to day,
“With style ideas, you can see real-life options of what bag and jeans look stellar with those red high heels you’ve been eyeing. Or if running gear is more your speed, no sweat — workout ensemble ideas are just a tap away.”

Facebook and AR Platform Updates & Announcements

Every year Facebook holds a huge conference in which they unveil their new plans going forward, and this year has been no different than previous years. One of the biggest takeaways of the event is the AR (Augmented Reality) platform announcement. AR hit us all very sudden and has been something which most companies haven’t been able to do much with, it’s still new to us all. A variety of companies quickly hit to the camera filters which have become increasingly popular with Snapchat leading the charge. Mark Zuckerberg himself said that he believes that AR is a big part of the future, and you’d be a fool to not consider it being a huge potential.
Okay, back to Facebook’s announcement, they are releasing a new platform which houses a massive bundle of elements which can be used in AR, these elements are not only created by the team working on the platform but they are also allowing third party companies to create their own. Which could mean huge things for brands that are willing to step in and get their feet wet, with so many believing that augmented reality is the next big thing, any brand with the capability of joining in should definitely consider it.
This is a huge move from Facebook and is one which is going to cause a rift between them and Snapchat. Share your thoughts with us on how you think the battle will end, do you think Facebook will take the charge and leave Snapchat lagging behind? Or will Snapchat stay as popular with fans as it always has been?


4 Things You Need to Consider to Maximise Your Content Marketing Performance

Links have always been a huge focus when it comes to increasing your organic search performance. The digital marketing industry have adapted to algorithmic shifts and have created a content marketing approach for link building. Below are four tips on how to make link-building efforts through content marketing a lot more successful.
1. Understand your audience and the purpose of the content
To create content that builds a connection with your target audience you need to understand your audience through the personas. You also need to define whether the purpose of the content is to engage with your current audience or attract a new audience. Overall, content is designed to educate, inform and inspire your readers. 84% of people expect brands to provide content that:

  • Entertains them
  • Tells them a story
  • Provides a solution
  • Creates experiences and events

2. Define the strategy and KPIs
When creating a content marketing plan you need to know exactly what links are required to allow your content pieces to have top ranking positions. To measure success, you need to have a clear framework that seperates channel and business KPIs. For example:

  • Owned KPIs is the volume of linking domains, domain authority and engagement metrics such as time on a page and bounce rates
  • Social KPIs are your shares, likes and tweets
  • Business KPIs are the leads, brochure downloads and overall conversions

3. Connect across the channels
Once you have created your content and had it placed on your website, you need to remember that the sharing doesn’t stop there. You need to be sharing your content on social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Another way to get your content out there is by using link earning strategies, find relevant sites and get in touch with them about having your posts placed on their site. Not only are you helping them out by providing them with more content but you are also allowing your content to get out there in front of a bigger audience.
4. Remember that “less is more”
To take your organic search and business performance to the next level you need to adopt a consumer-centric approach and create a lot less content. You might think that creating less content is a negative, but as long as you make the content relevant and useful then it will make a bigger impact on your company than what it would if you wrote a lot of pointless posts for the sake of it.
If you feel that you need help developing your content marketing performance then please get in touch with us and a member of our team will be there to help.

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