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Another jam packed week with client meetings and events, it seems to be the same in terms of digital news in the industry too. #TheLab had two new guests yesterday, in the form of Jodie’s boxer dogs, Buster & Spice.
In this week’s Lab Weekly we have a selection of tips to improve local SEO, as well as hot off the press news on an unconfirmed Google update. Users are calling this update Google Fred and it looks to be a spam algorithm update based around links. You can read more on this story below.

Digital News This Week

Google’s ‘Fred’ Update

This week has seen an increase in the popularity of talk around a new, unconfirmed, Google update, suspiciously named “Fred”, which isn’t really in keeping with the previous Zoo theme.
This algorithm update appears to target sites that are ad heavy but offer low value content and research is leading us to believe affiliate sites.
Now, you may be wondering what ad heavy, low content sites are? These are the type of sites that try to gain mass amounts of web traffic to maximise revenue through Google Display Ads. Frequently known as sites that aim to get the user to click on an ad or affiliate link, commonly referred to as clickbait websites. These sites can be recognised by the low quality of the ad and are often keyword stuffing their content pieces. Although there has been no direct word from Google as to whether this is a confirmed algorithm update, Gary Illyes spoke out about the problem with spam in the past,
“The problem is when a site’s sole purpose is to be a shallow container for affiliate links.”
In order to not fall privy to this update and get penalised we recommend considering the following things moving forward;

  • Design your website to be appealing to your user.


  • Focus on users instead of keywords.


  • Create content that is non-profitable.

Don’t Ignore Local SEO

When it comes to having an online store there are so many things that you need to consider and implement. Unfortunately a lot of national retailers focus more on their website being an eCommerce site and forget about the local opportunities that come with the business. Not focusing on Local SEO can hinder your ability to get the most out of organic search. Let’s discuss some of the things that you should prioritise for local SEO.
Add Location Pages to Your Website’s store Locator
According to research in the US 20% of the top 35  retailer’s store locators don’t actually have individual pages for each of their location, meaning Google will struggle more to understand the information about each location and have the risk of making them appear less relevant. This is why we highly recommend that you add location pages on your website’s store locator to make it easier for Google as well as making it more beneficial for you.
 Optimise Your Location Pages
In order to make sure your location pages rank you need to make sure they are all optimised. There are many different ways you can do this, one, add relevant and quality content to the location pages. This way you can also add relevant keywords, allowing Google to see exactly what you are trying to target. Update your content regularly with fresh content such as updates and new events, this will help with your rankings and organic leads. As well as adding the content, make sure the location pages are SEO optimised, so include keywords, relevant images with alt tags and meta titles and descriptions.
Manage Your Tasks!
The most important thing to remember is that you need to make sure you are managing your tasks! In order to make sure your website does well online it requires a lot of work. Ask for help if you need it, and don’t let tasks become overdue if they are vital to help your business.


Increase Your Twitter Followers with These Quick Steps

Growing on Twitter can take a lot of time and effort, creating engaging, interesting and therefore entertaining content is extremely difficult. There are a few best practices that almost any expert would suggest following in order to help you grow on Twitter.
Tweets get lost almost instantly in feeds, in order to combat that, you should promote your tweet more than once per day. A couple times a day is more than acceptable and won’t be seen as spam from your followers. Do not simply tweet the same exact message, reword it a little and make it its own.
Images, Gifs and Videos
Users scroll through Twitter to fast to read your tweet which is why an eye-catching image, gif or video is so crucial, attach that special something to grab their attention and make them stop on your tweet.
Be Unique!
Try to avoid following a trend that every business is following and attempt to create your own image. If you look like every other company why would a user stop on you? You need to give them a reason to stop on you and not to just skip right on by.
Lastly, Be Direct!
If you want your followers to retweet your posts ask them to, if you want them to favourite your post, ask them to do so. You don’t need to avoid asking as if it’s a topic that should not be discussed, if that’s what you would like your followers to do then simply ask them.
That is just a few simple tips that could help improve the amount of followers you have. Gaining followers doesn’t happen overnight and requires a lot of hard work, time and dedication.

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