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This week, in Lab Weekly you can find news from Google. It seems they have made yet even more changes to Adwords, and are facing a inquisition due to big businesses removing some of their advertisements – you can read more about this below! Also, do you find that you struggle to manage your time in the week? Whether it be at work or at home, we have provided you with some top tips and useful tools to help you manage your time better.

Digital News This Week

Big Companies Pull Advertisements – Google Get Questioned!

It seems that Google executives are bracing themselves ready for inquisition from the advertising industry and the government due to their plans to stop ads being placed next to extremist material. Big companies such as Vodafone and Sky are considering on whether to remove their advertisements – If they haven’t already done so! According to experts, the ads help fund payments to the people who post the videos, with every 1,000 clicks being worth around £6. It has been estimated that this could have been worth £250,000 to extremists.
Of course, leading advertising agencies have been quick to react, including the French marketing firm, Havas who deals with clients such as O2 and Royal Mail. Havas have already pulled away their advertisements in advance. Other companies including Publicis and WPP have to decided to discuss these matters with Google and their clients.
Google have not confirmed yet what they plan to do but it has been said that advertisers will be told that they may not be making the most out of existing tools and Google are planning on helping companies with this. Google will also be having an in depth look at how ads are currently being placed in order to advise companies on how they could advertise both better and safer.
Once we have further information on what Google have decided to do, we will let you know, so keep an eye on future editions of Lab Weekly!

Google AdWords Word Order and Function Words

Google has once again changed the way AdWords match types work, exact match will now ignore word order and function words. Originally exact match meant exact, there was nothing to question about it but Google seem to mixing things up a bit and are making changes left and right as of late. Function words for example have had a change (function words are words such as “this” & “that”) they can be replaced, added or completely ignored. This can be great news for some, however, for those who wish to take full advantage of the ‘exact’ match are now going to struggle.
An example could be the following,
“Jobs in United Kingdom converse trainers men” – Which could return the following “Job in the United Kingdom Converse trainers for men”
Word order can be extremely important when searching on the web and can completely change the results you are given, many however will not change the results but may not make sense when read aloud.
The main area that is raising concern is keywords that change the results when reordered or if a function word is added, this could greatly affect the results AdWords users are getting in a negative way.


Top Tips To Staying On Track And Keeping Productive

With only so many hours during the working day, it can sometimes be a task to stay on top of your work load and keep track of your time, which can cause stress and make you feel less productive. However, with a few simple tips to consider, you will find that your working life will become much more easier and enjoyable.

  • SET UP AN ORGANISED SYSTEM – At the beginning of the week, create your own system that consists of the tasks you need to complete and when they need to be completed by.
  • PRIORITISE – Once you know what tasks are at hand, prioritise them. Put each task into an order, with the most important task at the top.
  • DEDICATION – Make your first task the most important and put all your efforts into it, perfect it and make it your own. Then continue on with your other tasks with the same mindset.
  • RELATED TASKS – If you have more than one task that may link together in the long run, group the tasks and do them one after the other to keep the same focus.
  • NO DISTRACTIONS – Be sure to be in an environment where you can concentrate on your work without being disturbed.
  • TIME LIMITS – Keeping in mind what date your task has to be completed for, only set a certain amount of hours on each task as it will push you to focus, instead of letting a task drag for too long, that will leave you unmotivated. Consider using something like to keep yourself on a strict time limit and also to give yourself the breaks you need.
  • TAKE A SHORT BREAK – Although focus and dedication is key, taking a small break can give your mind a quick ‘rest’ and when you come back to your task, you will see it from a new perspective and possibly even think of new ideas that will help you move forwards.

To keep yourself organised, their are many online tools that can help you succeed, a couple of examples are:
Google Calendar
Google Calendar allows you to track your workload by days, weeks and months that can be used on the web or as an app on your mobile phone. You can create tasks then edit them, set yourself reminders for certain times and dates, add the locations and even invite other users to your tasks.
This is an online software that assists you in managing all your tasks and projects, that helps to reach your deadlines, stay organised, plan your day to day missions and tracks how many hours you have spent working on a certain piece of work. You can track your time with ProWorkFlow by either adding in your time manually or having a ‘stopwatch’ tool that tracks your time for you.
Rescue Time
This is a great free tool that can help you to attribute your time to certain web pages. If you work mainly offline it may not be entirely relevant to you, however, if like us you spend the majority of your time between Google Drive Docs, research and WordPress it can help you create a productivity score. You can also pause it to allow you to have a break without affecting your stats.

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