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It would appear that the busy period is not letting up either, as next week Richard goes on holiday and Jodie and Hayley going to BrightonSEO to do some networking, and of course drinking at the VIP event!
So now onto this week’s Lab Weekly, we have exciting news and updates for you this week from the world of social media and of course our #LabInsights.

Digital News This Week

Facebook Brings More Snapchat Features into its Mobile App

So, what do you think is better, Facebook or Snapchat? It seems due to the new updates coming into place there isn’t much difference between the two! If you haven’t already seen the new effects coming to Facebook, then carry on reading to find out what you will be seeing soon on your social media platform.
Everyone Loves An Effect!
As of this week, iOS and Android Facebook users will be able to tap on the camera icon that is on the Facebook app to try the new camera. The new camera features effects include, masks, frames and interactive filters that can be applied directly to the multimedia. It seems there will also be some promotional features coming on Facebook for upcoming films. These include, Despicable Me 3, Guardians of the Galaxy and the newest Smurfs film, The Lost Village.
Share Your Stories
If you love the fact that Snapchat allows you to see the ins and the outs of your friends life then you will love the Facebook stories. The stories allow you to share a multitude of videos and photos on your story, however they disappear after 24 hours – So make sure you are quick! Facebook also has a new feature that allows users to share their photos and videos directly with a specific audience. Viewers can then see that video and replay or respond to it, and then once the conversation ends, the content disappears.
These new features to Facebook are now rolling out all over the world to users. Is this the start of the end to Instagram and Snapchat? Or are we going to see even more updates? Only time will tell…

Pre-roll Ads to Periscope Videos

Periscope will soon be able to support pre-roll ads within video, similar to Twitter’s current advertising methods. This will ensure users get the same user experience as to that of Twitter, brands will be able to ensure their ad is seen by users before a video is actually viewed. Whilst scrolling through the feed on periscope users will come across videos which will play a short ad before playing the publishers video. This is a potential huge feature for brands in a positive light and also negative, research has shown that pre-rolled ads can be a turning point for users, they often have avoided brands who do this. This could be great for many brands or terrible if used incorrectly, share your thoughts with us on this topic on Facebook or Twitter.


Understanding and Working with Digital Marketing Technology

Software has become a big part of assisting your business in becoming as successful as it can possibly be and helping you reach out to customers to gain you popularity. However, digital technology can’t manage everything for you, and it is a priority to learn and understand how to use digital marketing tools successfully and effectively to benefit your company, and here we shall discuss a few ideas.
Businesses are forever collecting data but can’t always benefit from it as they can’t extract meaning from it. Such as, website traffic. It seems to be that the more website traffic the better, but if all the traffic you are attracting bounces with no intention of buying from you, was it really worthwhile?
The key to measuring traffic needs much more context in order for it to be understood correctly, there for investing less time understanding data feedback.
Building for Growth
When you build a growth system properly, it can help you generate ongoing incremental growth with time, which results in receiving new results for a little cost.
Creating a system for marketing doesn’t have to be as complicated as code, it could possibly be a process, a checklist or a few Excel spreadsheets once having put together new ideas, trying them, measuring them and finally, putting them to good use. Websites, digital advertising programs and email marketing are some of the most simple examples of marketing systems that will help you get your message across to any potential customers you are trying to attracts and it doesn’t stop there. These simple systems can help you achieve product development, collaboration and many more marketing factors.
Learn by Doing
Making a few small adjustments to your site can make a massive difference in your business’ popularity. A new blog post, a fresh arrangement for your homepage, new images could even affect your bounce rates. So put your imagination to the test and try out different techniques that will push your business forward.
Each idea addresses one of the new complexities of marketing technology and if you start working on these ideas with your team alongside of you, you will find that your business will start to grow in the ever-changing field of digital marketing.

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