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Of course, we are never too busy to provide you with the latest news and updates in our Lab Weekly. This week, you can find more updates on social media platforms, Twitter and Snapchat. In our #LabInsights, you can find a fantastic infographic from Social Media Today showing you the eCommerce Marketing Trends that you need to keep your eye on this year. Be sure to check back with us next week as we will cover some of the updates from BrightonSEO.

Digital News This Week

Customers Locations Through Twitter Direct Messaging

Twitter has released a new tool which allows Brands to request the location of a user whilst in a direct message chat with them. This will allow a brand to better serve the user and help them locate a nearby store, customer service station or a potential rep for the brands you could offer support. Users must accept the request before any locations are shared with the brand. This could help users and brands in a variety of ways, it allows information to be shared instantly and accurately with the user and the brand.
The users will be shown a window which allows them to choose exactly what the brand sees ensuring they keep their privacy if that’s what they would prefer or if they would like help within their immediate vicinity they can share that more precise information. This new tool can be used with bots allowing them to direct the user to the closest store, restaurant or cafe.

Snapchat Update

Snapchat offers non-permanent stories, which you can browse through endlessly trying to find what you are looking for. However, they have just announced that they will be adding a keyword search feature to their app allowing you to find the stories you are wanting to read
As well as providing you with a search feature, Snapchat is also focusing on creating a lot more stories related to different places and events. Below is a fantastic video, showing exactly how these filters are going to work.

New Self-Serve Ad Platform for Reddit

It seems that Reddit is also trying to up their profile with their most recent announcement of the launch of a revamped self-serve platform for their advertisers. Below we discuss some of the new features:

  • User-friendly redesigned interface
  • Offers post-pay billing
  • Multiple creatives can be used per campaign
  • Improved reporting analytics

Whilst the change is happening, you can still use the old system. Unfortunately, existing campaigns will not be transferable to the new system, so you will have to recreate them when the new platform has been launched.


With eCommerce marketing expanding and becoming more innovative and easier to use with technology, there are new trends that you should be looking out for this year that will help you achieve your marketing goals. This infographic from BizTech assists you in starting to make a plan and help you have an idea of what is to come.
eCommerce Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017 [Infographic] | Social Media Today
From our friends at Social Media Today. 

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