Also, it seems Google are back at it again with updating their services allowing you to improve your visibility when using Google Maps. In our #LabInsights section you will find top tips that we think you need to know in regards to targeting different countries using Google Adwords.

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Digital News This Week


DMOZ have been around for 18 years and have served a massive part on the internet being the biggest directory listing. Unfortunately, the latest news we have all been hearing is that on the 14th March, DMOZ will be closing down. The reason for this has not been released yet but as soon as we have more information we will let you know.

New Look LinkedIn

It seems that LinkedIn has had a revamp of their website, on the old site you saw the links such as notifications, jobs and messaging in small icons at the top without any real indication as to what the icons meant. If you found this to be an annoyance to you then you will be happy to know that the new layout shows these icons a lot clearer and brighter across the top navigation.

Old Navigation









New Navigation








Another big change you will find on LinkedIn is the layout of users profiles that you search for. Linkedin has laid it out to show you more information whilst not looking as cluttered. You can see by the screenshot below that the “See Jobs” and “following” buttons are a lot bigger and bolder, this should allow users to prompt the job page a lot more, which is also going to benefit you as a company. It also seems the layout for users “recent stories” now look a lot like Facebook’s news feed. As a company, we like this new layout for LinkedIn and think it looks a lot slicker and smart.


AdWords Country Targeting Tips

If you, like many businesses, would like to target users from another country with your AdWords campaigns then there are a few step that you should take to ensure you to it in the best and most efficient way.

  • Firstly it is highly recommended that you set up a separate campaign for each country, this is to help keep things tidy and simple as well as allowing you to define keywords for each country as well as track them much easier.
  • You should always try and enter your keywords in the language of the country you are targeting, this will help ensure your ads show when a user searches for a specific term in their language.
  • Don’t forget time zones! When targeting for different times of the day it is key you don’t forget that there will be a time difference.
  • Use both language and location targeting, if you are for example targeting someone who lives in Spain however they speak English set your location to Spain but language targeting to English.

Improving Your Visibility on Google Maps

Ultimately the aim of your marketing is to get yourself out there and attract as many potential customers as you can and a key part of that process, is letting your customers know where you are. As there are many new businesses to compete against, it is important that you make yours recognised and put it on the map!

To make yourself known, there are some points you need to familiarise yourself with, starting with claiming your third-party listing profiles, being sure that all the information is relevant and complete. If your business has been added to different profiles with approval, the strength of your Google listing will rise. Secondly, if you haven’t already, create a Facebook page for your business and frequently update it with any relevant, helpful and attention grabbing information (promoting offers, new additions etc). Facebook is a valuable signal to Google as when someone searches a keyword connecting to your business, a Facebook page is one of the first pages to be shown.

The next step to success is content. If you’re writing plenty location-specific content Google is most likely to be drawn to your business or for even better results get local media to write content about the location you are in, which will attract all the right attention. If you are considering that second option, make it an easy job for them if you have an idea or resources or even quotes, interesting facts and pictures that could be useful to them to complete this content piece, don’t be afraid to let them know. Now you’re almost there and you have one thing left to do. Start researching who might your competition be and see if they get mentioned online by others and why. Many sites such as organisations that support business, community organisations, blogs and more are usually looking for a content piece to write so give them a reason to write about YOU and if you succeed Google will notice.

What you need to keep in mind is that Google likes a strong online presence and that is what will boost your Google listing, placing you in a secure place on Google Maps increasing your business’ popularity.