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In true Spring style, both Phoebe & Ben had fun decluttering the offices. With the spring clean came a few seat rearrangements, so a few of the team are getting settled into a new home. We will be adding some plants to the family soon, so take a look at our social to see our new members.
We have lots to discuss in this week’s Lab Weekly, including updates to social media sites and Google adding more fantastic features! Don’t forget there is still time to book your place at the Lincs Tech Week, which will be taking place next week.

Digital News This Week:

Google Image Search on Mobile Adds Quick Filters

Google have once again added a new feature for the mobile version of image search. Directly under the search box users will now see a quick filter option which allows you to simply select to filter for GIFs, latest images, clipart and much more. Once you have selected the filters you would like to use then simply hit the “filter” button and watch as your search changes. The range of filters even allows you to select colour! Google have not yet announced this new feature however it is popping up all over on mobile devices.

Facebook Offline Conversion Solution

Earlier in the week, Facebook launched a new Offline Conversion solution that automatically connects with CRMs and other systems to upload the outcome into their ads manager of leads that are generated by Facebook campaigns. Advertisers will now have the ability to track conversion activity through the sales cycle and then map it back to specific campaigns and lead ads. You can also create Lookalike audiences of lead ad segments using Customer Audiences and retarget lead customers with upsells or new products.
You have to have the following to be able to use this new feature:

  • Access to a Facebook Business Manager account
  • A Facebook app
  • Business Manager system user & access token generated for the system user
  • An offline event setup

Once you have the above, there are several ways to connect a CRM (or any other system) to the Offline Conversion solution:

  • Facebook’s native Upload Offline Events manager
  • Salesforce and Marketo
  • Leadsbridge
  • Zapier

You can now access this feature globally.

It’s Snapchat’s Turn to Copy!

So, it seems that Snapchat is now having their turn to copy Instagram. On Tuesday, the platform rolled out their own version of Instagram’s boomerang feature that plays videos in a loop. Instagram weren’t the founders of this feature but they have certainly helped to make it a lot bigger. Snapchat users can now set their video snaps to play on repeat until a viewer taps to the next snap. The video can be up to 10 seconds long, unlike Instagrams only being 1 second long.
Snapchat’s fantastic updates don’t stop there, the platform has also added a feature that allows you to erase parts of an image and draw on the screen using emojis instead of a digital marker.

Are Emoji’s the New SEO?

You might think the above title sounds a bit stupid, but it’s true, emojis are taking over the technology world! All over social media and the exchange of text messages you see little-animated emojis. We think that soon, emojis might be that popular that they take over the rankings on Google, imagine that? At least there are lots to choose from!
Did you know that you can actually search for things on Google using certain emojis? So, for example, you fancy a pizza on a Saturday night but you are feeling a bit lazy on your searching? Well, use the pizza emoji and “near me” in your search bar, and look what appears! We have included an example below if you are TOO lazy to check it out yourself.

It seems that the pizza emoji is not the only emoji that brings you search results, try putting the dog emoji + “for sale”. Did you see it? Places that are selling dogs. So it seems that emojis are already making their way into search results and rankings, how long do you think it will be until emojis are well and truly taking over the world?

Shop With Tesco on Your Google Home

It seems that Tesco and Google have been working together recently and they have come up with a genius masterpiece of technology! You can now integrate your Tesco home grocery shopping with Google Home using and voice activation for a simple yet fantastic shopping experience.
It has recently been announced that the IFTTT channel now allows you to add products by search terms, instead of setting up an individual IFTTT recipe for each product. So you simply create just one recipe and then ask your Google Home to add the products. If you are a regular shopper at Tesco then the company are going to try and add your favourites/usuals instead of you having to drag through all of the products.
Google Home is only one example of how you can use this new feature, you can also integrate it with many other companies on IFTTT. In order to do this, you need to have Google Assistant and a Tesco account and then have them both connected to IFTTT.
It seems the growth in technology isn’t going to stop growing, so we’d love to find out your opinion on this.

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