Lab Weekly: Twitter Verification, Facebook Event Ads & Tinder Social

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This week in #TheLab has been a hot one, thanks to a  fridge well stocked with cold drinks and a few ice cream trips, we survived the heatwave. It has been another busy working week, with Phoebe making us all extremely jealous with her continued upload of pictures from Disneyland Florida. Jodie our Head of Operations was also off this week so we are looking forward to having a full office again on Monday. In this week’s Lab Weekly we discuss Tinder Social, Facebook ads, and how to get verified on Twitter!

Application to verify Twitter account

Twitter is going to allow anyone to apply for the verified check mark, previously this was only available to celebrities and was very difficult to obtain. Twitter either automatically verified well known accounts or the user had to prove via email or other means that they were who they said they were. Accounts which were seen as public figureheads were often the ones which would become verified. If you wish to attempt to verify your account, you can do by visiting simply follow the on-screen prompts once you have logged into your account. Twitter are quite strict with the verification process and it is unsure if they will become less strict at this time, it is also unclear how long the it takes for your account to be approved.

Facebook App Event Targeted Ads

Facebook has released a new style of ads which allows you to target people depending on their interaction within apps. Facebook has stated that a shocking 94% of people will abandon an app within 30 days after downloading it, this is where App Event Optimization come into play. Success is not simply down to how many people have downloaded an app, revenue comes from people interacting within the app and viewing advertisements. This is now making it possible for advertisers to adjust the price of their bids based on the people they are targeting or possibly bid less for a simple app download as this may not necessarily mean the user is using the app. Advertisers can now choose from 14 app events which mean if a user clicks on “Add to cart” you can have an app appear at that point as this shows the user is active within the app, advertisers have the option of showing app-install ads to the user through many in-app events.
Here are the 14 app events an advertiser can select:

  • Achieved level
  • App Launched
  • Added payment information
  • Added to cart
  • Added to wishlist
  • Complete registration
  • Initiated checkout
  • Completed tutorial
  • Rated
  • Purchased
  • Spent credits
  • Searched
  • Viewed content
  • Unlocked achievements

This new feature has been tested by a select few businesses which reported lower costs per event with a higher revenue. This new feature is available through Facebook’s Power Editor or the API.

Tinder Social

Tinder Social has launched globally after its beta trial in Australia, the app allows for groups of friends to meet each other.
Users can add their group of one to three friends via Facebook and then can match with other groups in the local area, much like Tinder, a mutual match it needed. However, only one member out of the party has to match the other both whole groups to match. From there on, users can plan their night out and change their status so people know what they are up to tonight.  Due to the feature being created around planning and even tonight, the next day at noon, your messages, groups, and matches will disappear for you to plan another outing tonight. As it is on the Tinder app, users have to opt in to use Tinder social, meaning people can see your regular Tinder profile.

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