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Google search Quality Team get tougher and have warned in an anonymous post on their blog today that sites caught repeatedly violating their Google Webmaster Guidelines may have ‘further action’ taken against them and may even go as far as to make the reconsideration process for penalised sites more difficult to achieve.
Of course don’t all go and panic at once as they are not talking about algorithmic action such as Panda or Penguin they mean any manual actions taken against a site through Search Console. While they weren’t clear on exactly what the ‘further action’ may entail they did give an example of what they meant by repeated violations and more can be read on this subject here.
Brighton SEO
Well Today saw the second installment of the popular gathering for SEO’s from all over Europe at Brighton with @brightonseo once again proving to be the place to be, we had a quick scan through some of the talks and gathered together a few interesting stats and quotes from the day.
Schema appeared to be a topic of much discussion once more with a talk by Pete Campbell informing us that by 2019 162 billion queries will be on mobile as opposed to 62 million on desktop. Pete’s talk which focused on Markup and how to increase your earned traffic informed us that 66% of the top 100k top websites don’t have micro data which can increase ctr and lower bounce rate.
Some of our favourite quotes came from Christoph Cemper in his ‘How to measure real success of Content Marketing’ including “I can like 50 posts per minute, but does that mean I’m engaged?” ……. The answer of course is Probably Not. Another pertinent quote from Cristoph that we must agree was well said is ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’ well said indeed.
But I think my favourite of the day had to be a tweet that went something like this.Brighton SEO Tweet
Which I am sure you will agree will of caused more than a few titters from the audience.
Of course we had the usual run of great stats that I am sure will be quoted and meme’d to death over the coming weeks so here’s a few to give you a head start.
74% of consumers in the UK have a smartphone
40% of online sales in the UK take place on mobile – Gary Illyes
56% of all online content is in English and yet only 29% of the online population speak English
Brighton SEO also saw the launch of a few interesting tools but one that is probably worthy of a mention is the new tool form the makers of CognitiveSEO called BrandMentions touted as the World’s Widest Web Mentions Database it claims to find every relevant mention about anyone or anything in a heartbeat.
Find out if Google’s Algorithm is Grumpy with @AccuRanker‘s free ‘Google Grump Rating’:
We will leave Brighton SEO with what has to be our favourite quote of the day via the inimitable @GregGifford “bullet points kill kittens” see you next year folks.
Twitter Buy Buttons set to Increase
Twitter first spoke about the possibility of buy buttons in the feed sometime ago and it was rumoured quite a while a go now that Twitter would be allowing Stripe’s buy button to be released to the world. Well, it’s finally here! The world of e-commerce just got much more interesting because not only can you promote your store on Twitter, you can now sell your products through Twitter.
Stripe’s Relay isn’t just a Twitter exclusive, it’s also available to Kickstarter, Pinterest, Shopify and is planning to be rolled out across all major social media platforms. Find out more about this newest venture here –
Controversial Unlike Button is Coming after all
Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg finally answered what the people of Facebook have been asking for since the arrival of the “like” button in 2009, is there a possibility of a dislike button? Yes, yes there is says Zuckerberg.
In an interview on the 15th of September he was asked where the company were at with the dislike button idea, they dismissed the idea in December – clearly there’s been a change of heart!

In a recent Q&A session at the companies headquarters the social giant announced that it will be testing a new button that will allow users to express more of a range of emotions. “Not every moment is a good moment,” said the CEO but  “It’s surprisingly complicated to make an interaction that’s that simple,” he said. So watch this space and we will keep you updated.

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