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Those of you who read our blog regularly will be aware that its been a busy week in the Lab as we once again played host to 15 different companies with over 30 guests attending our own LabLive event at our Lincolnshire HQ. This event was made even more special by the attendance of two colleagues Michael and Colin from Google who had come up from London for the day and to present and do a Q&A session with our own Adwords specialist Chris.
All in all the day was a roaring success and we are looking forward to doing more events with the team from Google in the future, to learn more about the day and recap on the days talks if you attended or to get a glimpse of what you missed take a look at our round-up post here.
Even though we have been busy with the event and looking after our clients we have still managed to pull together a round up of the weeks events in the field of digital marketing with some interesting points coming up in the various fields so read on for our regular news update…..
Firefox switches to Yahoo in US for default Search Provider
Despite being partners with Google for many years Mozilla this week announced that they would no longer be using Google as the global default search provider in their Firefox browser. Instead Yahoo will become the new strategic partner with the browser in the US for the next five years which is almost certain to give Yahoo more of the market share in the future given that Firefox users alone search the web more than a billion times a year.
This news interestingly coincides with the latest from comScore on market share in the US seeing Google down slightly in October on the previous month with 67% of the market with both Bing and Yahoo seeing slight gains.
In other news this week Google announced that it was experimenting with giving sites a potential rankings boost if they met the new guidelines and earn the new mobile friendly label.
Pay Per Click
Our weekly round up of the weekly news and updates in paid search takes a slightly different approach this week.
This week we hosted our bi-monthly event LabLive and our special guests were Google UK. The guys from Google took part in a question and answer sessions and discussed recent and future developments within the Adwords platform.   There were many great PPC takeaways from the day and tips to supercharge Adwords campaigns that have lost their shine.
Here are 2 key points from the day:

  1.  Search traffic on mobile has now overtaken that of Desktop (achieving a 52% majority of all search). All of your campaigns and adverts should be mobile optimised. Also, take advantage of any ad extensions that populate on mobile such as call and app extensions.
  2.  YouTube provides a fantastic opportunity for marketers. Try searching for popular video’s on Google Trends and bid accordingly.

New tools for Shopping Campaigns
Google have also announced a timely release for those getting ready for the shopping frenzy that has become known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The new tools are designed to help retailers meet the demand these surges can cause by planning and managing for these periods.
The first of these is ‘Auction Insights’ which is designed to allow advertisers to see how they stack up against their competitors and use that information in bidding strategies. Google has also extended its reporting options that are available for shopping campaigns which Google hope will help retailers keep their Shopping campaigns running smoothly.
Social Media
Several years after the controversial move to include its own social network Google+ in its Knowledge graph search results, we have finally begun to see this week the inclusion and linking to of other social networks. While still not showing these other social network links in all Knowledge Graph panels and in some instances different social sites appear to show up different entities in Knowledge Graph it is certainly a step in the right direction and if nothing else may go some way to prevent further accusations that it has received in the past.
Twitter announced recently a new feature that many have seen as somewhat lacking from the social media giants arsenal  when they made changes to its back channel that will now enable users to share and discuss tweets via direct message.
Have you noticed anything change or spotted something you haven’t seen before in any of the channels? Why not let us no in the comments below and in the meantime check back in another week to see what’s new in the digital marketing arena.

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