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It has been a slightly cooler week in #TheLab and we are very happy to have a full team with both Phoebe and Jodie back in the office, although their lovely tans are making us milk bottles slightly jealous. It has been a slightly busier week with most of the team are furthering their education which has meant most of us getting our geek on, we are looking forward to sharing our newest qualifications with you soon. We have had been adding a few finishing touches to a client’s site too which is looking almost perfect if we do say so ourselves. In this week’s Lab Weekly we discuss Google adding new updates to reports on AdWords, Verizon buys Yahoo and a range of updates in the social media world.
New Updates to Reports and Benchmarks
Three years ago Google rolled out cross-device conversions designed to help advertisers measure customer paths. Recently, they have now introduced three new reports in the Attribution section of AdWords to provide a more in-depth insight to device usage along with the full search conversion path. The three new reports are listed below.
Devices – Allows you to see how much cross-device activity is happening in your AdWords accountNew cross-device attribution reports and benchmarks
Assisting Devices – Inform your device bid adjustments by understanding how often different devices assisted conversions on other devices
Device Paths – Investigate the top conversion paths for customers using two or more devices
Advertisers from all over the world have already seen the major impact of cross-device activity on last-click conversions. This week Google shared new benchmarks that show the influence of cross-device activity across the full search conversion path. This is shown in the image on the right. 
There are two main ways that you can take action on the new cross-device insights.

  1. You can now select one of six different attribution models for each of your conversion types. These are, last click, first click, linear, time decay, position-based and data-driven. These models are applied to your search ads and take cross-device behaviour into account.
  2. You can also update your device bid adjustments via the new Assisting Devices Report. This tells you how many conversions were assisted by clicks or impressions on different devices.

If you would like additional information then Google’s recent best practices guide will be helpful. The new reports in Attribution under the Tools Tab should be released in the coming weeks.
Verizon Buying Yahoo
For a price of $4.83 billion, Verizon has recently bought Yahoo. After buying AOL last year for $4.4 billion, Verizon is merging the two which will then have more than 25 brands for investment. Yahoo is a leading email provider with around 225 million active users, as well as being a leading content brand in categories such as news, sport, and finance. The sale reportedly does in not include other areas of Yahoo such as Yahoo Japan, their shares in Alibaba Group Holdings, certain investments and other cash and patents. Even though the challenges of merging both Yahoo and AOL will be great, more will show in the future as to whether the telecom company can pull it off and benefit from the recent deal.
Earlier in the month we announced that Twitter would be NFL’s Thursday Night Football games for 10 games, they will soon be able to livestream MLB and NHL games after signing a deal with the MLBAM (Major League Baseball Advanced Media). Twitter will be showing a live MLB and a live NHL game a week for free for people in U.S, whether they are Twitter users or not. These will also be available outside of the U.S but it is unsure yet as to which specific countries. However, there is a slight complication to who can view what games, for viewers in the U.S, if their hometown is playing, then they will not be able to watch. With Twitter being able to show live football, baseball, and hockey, their efforts will be focused on securing the last of the four big sports, basketball. This would include the NBA renewing their recent deal with Twitter which has allowed them to show two original live shows for the social media. Amongst all of these livestreams, Twitter will be creating a show called ‘The Rally’ which will air every night and include highlight clips, commentary, and there is rumoured to be interactive elements based on trending topics pulled straight from Twitter.
Facebook has recently made changes to the Facebook Live feature, previously limited to 90 minutes, live streams can now last for up to 4 hours! Carrying on from this, users can also now stream a continuous live stream but with a couple of catches. Once the livestream have finished, it won’t be saved, users won’t be able to rewind or watch again, they are restricted to simply watching it when it is live. Users also won’t get notifications when the stream goes live like they can for regular livestreams. This feature though might be good for zoos or aquariums where they can continually show the animals throughout the day. Broadcasters can also now choose who to have as their audience, what is being called ‘geogating’ is a means for broadcasters to restrict their audiences. Being able to choose users in a certain location, their age, and gender, will allow people to target their audience more directly. Broadcasters will also now be able to hide the comments or reactions on their livestream as they may have been off putting or caused distractions. Probably the most significant change for viewers is that the livestreams can now be seen in full screen, whereas before they could only be seen in the small box inside of the Facebook timeline. Livestream will be available both landscape and portrait on iOS devices and is thought to be rolled out to Android users in the coming months.
A recent post on Tumblr’s ‘staff’ blog announced that they will now show ads within blogs and not only are they going to add blogs they are also making it so publishers don’t have to participate. The ads within blogs can be disabled in the settings if the publisher chooses that the feature is not fitted for them and their blog. The users which decide to participate will also get a small cut from the revenue made by these ads. It has not yet been announced how much this “cut” will be, but offering publishers the opportunity to make a bit of money from ads in their blogs is a great feature and is a great way to entice more users to start publishing on the network.

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