Lab Weekly: Google Call Extensions, Yahoo Rename & Social Updates

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We would like to say a big congratulations to two of our apprentices, Hannah and Ben, for finishing their IT User L2 qualification and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them both. In this week’s Lab Weekly we discuss Yahoo having a name change, an update to Google call extensions and much more.
Yahoo Renamed Altaba

Since Verizon bought Yahoo for $4.8 billion, changes are being made as the deal is going through. While Verizon will own the core of the business, there are also stakes in Alibaba (15%) and Yahoo Japan (35.5%) which they will not own, it is this side of the business that will be changing its name to Altaba. This means that Altaba is currently just a holding company, and Yahoo will remain as the search engine, email service and other regular features. Yahoo as we know it is not likely to change in the near future and it may stay operating as before, simply now under Verizon.
Automatic Call Extensions in Google
Call extensions in Google AdWords will now become automatic using the telephone number from your landing page. Google have recently sent an email to all of their AdWords advertisers who have prominent phone numbers on their landing pages, they stress the importance of this by stating that nearly 19% more calls have been made from landing pages on mobile. If you already have call extensions set up, Google have stated that they will not create another, similarly if you use dynamic phone numbers on your landing pages, Google will not create a call extension. Advertisers still have the option to opt out of automatic call extensions such as if they don’t want to pay for calls from search results, by checking the automatic call extensions box under automated extensions.
Facebook will now be showing ads during non-live videos, after the videos have been watched for at least 20 seconds, an ad may show up. Ads are restricted 15 seconds and will be called ‘In-Stream Videos’ to advertisers. Advertisers will be able to choose the category of the video that will have their ads displayed in them, as well as categories they wish to avoid. When purchasing a video ad campaign on Facebook, these in-stream videos will be automatically enabled but can be unchecked if advertisers don’t want their ads placed in other videos. Videos to be eligible for in-stream ads will have to be 90 seconds long and 55% of the revenue Facebook will split with the publishers. Facebook are prompting publishers to make the first 20 seconds of their videos enticing to users so that they stick around to watch after the ad.
There may not be a specific date, but Instagram has said that they will be adding ads in between their Stories sometime ‘soon’. The ads will show when the Stories viewed change from one users to another’s, Instagram has already signed up large brands in both the US and Europe including Nike, McDonald’s, and Pepsi. The ads that are limited to 15 seconds, will be able to be skipped over however, just as one would skip through a regular photo or video on a Story. Instagram will also be creating a Stories measurement to their analytics tool for businesses where they could before only measure their organic posts.

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