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You may or may not have been made aware of the Google Performance Summit that took place this week, where they launched many new changes and features coming to AdWords very shortly and Google Expanded Ads. Google ran lots of demonstrations at the Summit and attendees were able to ask product managers questions. Although some of these changes are imminent others are not yet in beta, therefore are likely to be launched in 2017. We cover all these changes in this weeks edition of #LabWeekly and how these could affect you, if you want more information drop us an e-mail. This week in #TheLab Richard was busy spreading his knowledge again, by attending a local Digital Marketing day in Grimsby, helping business to apply Digital Marketing to their Sales Funnel. We have had some fantastic feedback from our event last week and have been looking at all of the potential ideas for next time, Jodie our Head of Operations was busy moving into a new house on Thursday and we are currently adding the final final touches to a few client websites looking to go live after the weekend. Which is very exciting for all the team who are looking forward to a Bank Holiday weekend where it might actually be nice weather. As well as the Google News we include some “What We Know So Far” information on iOS 10 & the social media updates.
Google Search Console Allows You to Group Your Sites Together With Property Sets
Google have recently announced that you can now group together multiple properties within the Search Console meaning you can collect aggregate data in the Search Analytics report. Google Search Console sets mean we can create the sets and then see all of the Search analytics for one set in one single report. Google wrote: “Mobile app, mobile website, desktop website – how do you track their combined visibility in search? Until now, you’ve had to track all of these statistics separately. Search Console is introducing the concept of “property sets”, which let you combine multiple properties (both apps and sites) into a single group to monitor the overall clicks and impressions in search within a single report.”
To create sets you simply log into Google Search Console and click the “create a set” button and then the dialog will be displayed for you to choose a set name and the properties that you want to add to it. This new feature will be extremely beneficial for webmasters and publishers.
Google Expanded Text Ads
It has recently been announced that Expanded Text Ads are coming to Google AdWords. Expanded text ads are 2x bigger than the current text ads. Expanded ads are designed have been designed to maximise your performance on mobile search results with a bigger headline and an extra long description. The expanded text ads will be shown across all devices, including desktop and mobile. Advertisers are currently limited to a 25-character headline, however advertisers will have two 30-character headlines when Expanded Text Ads become available later this year. Descriptions are also being expanded, where they are currently limited to two 35-character description lines they will have one 80-character description line once the new ads have been made available. Google hasn’t officially revealed when advertisers will be available to use Expanded Text Ads, however, it has been said that it should be in July.
expanded text ads in adwords
4 Changes Coming to AdWords
Google have recently announced some new and interesting changes that will be happening to AdWords over the next few months. Below is everything we believe you need to know about AdWords.
Local Search Ads Coming to Google Maps
Google have revealed new ads that will appear within Google Maps on both desktop and mobile. In the new ads, brand logos and offers will appear directly on the surface of the map. But you might be thinking, why are they focusing on Google Maps? Well Google Maps now have more than a billion users and people visit 1.5 billion destinations based on their Google searches. Google is also working on other new ad formats such as promotion pins to drive more traffic from Maps to local businesses.
In-Store Conversions
AdWords now have the ability to help more businesses close the gap between the digital and physical worlds by measuring in-store conversions. In-store conversions will soon become more widely available to a greater range of businesses. The best part about this is that Google look at phone location history to determine whether the person who searched and clicked on your ad ended up walking into your store.
New Responsive Display Ads
It has been announced that soon you will simply have to provide Google with your URL, headline, description and image and then Google will create responsive display ads for you. This is a very important and useful change because they will figure out the best format for your ad. This change should be rolled out later this year.
Device Bidding
At the moment advertisers have to set a base desktop bid and then set mobile bids as a multiplier on the base bid. However going forward, you will now have the ability to set mobile bids, desktop bids and tablet bids independently or make them dependent to each other. This will give advertisers a little more flexibility and further enforces Google’s mobile-first view point.
It doesn’t stop here, Google AdWords are releasing a brand new interface, visit this link to find out more…
Google Beta Testing a Real-time Indexing API
In a talk on Thursday at Google I/O, Google’s Richard Gingras said the purpose is to offer trusted publishers the opportunity to send Google their content immediately, without the delay of Google having to discover the content. Unfortunately we will not hear much from Google regarding the new API until the beta has been used by more. Google does have a live carousel which offers you the opportunity to see real-time coverage.
iOS 10 – What We Know So Far
During their annual developer’s conference, Apple are due to reveal the highly anticipated iOS 10. The conference, which will be held on 13th June in San Francisco, is thought to talk mainly about the new system update for iPhone and iPad. Here is round up of what we know so far:
Apple Pay
There is said to be an update to Apple’s contactless payment platform, this could allow users to make payments through mobile sites. Rather than simply in-app purchases or contactless payment in shops, Apple Pay may now be able to support payment in mobile sites through entering a passcode or through fingerprint scanning.
Updates to Siri
Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, may be able to transcribe your voicemails out and read them back to you without you having to ring through to your voicemails and select the relevant one.  
Another possible update to Siri which we may not see until later in the future includes customising results based on the different users. The rumour comes after Apple was granted a patent around this specific feature. This can allow for example age appropriate apps only showing up for younger users.
From leaked screenshots there has also been speculation around Siri being supported on Mac which would allow users to use voice search.
Digital Touch
Digital Touch is currently only a feature on the Apple Watch; it allows users to draw images with their finger and send it to their friends, it could be soon extended for use on the iPhone. With the new £D Touch Technology as well which allows feedback according to the degrees of pressure a user applies, this could work its way into the feature.
Hide Default Apps
Anyone who’s ever owned an iPhone will know the annoyance of not being able to get rid of the default apps. Well, this may be changing and there may be a way to permanently hide some of the 32 currently undeletable apps. Due to some changes being made in iTunes metadata, it has been found that some of the code reads “isFirstParty” and “isFirstPartyHideableApp” which is currently set to false so it has been thought that this would allow users to set it to ‘true’ and hide the app.
Chief executive Tim Cook has said in the past around removing these apps: “I recognise that some people want to do this, and it’s something we’re looking at.” Obviously there are complications which might be being thought out behind the scenes as some of these default apps affect how we use the device, such as deleting Apps would hinder Siri’s ability to find local services and deleting the Phone app could cause the phone to lose its key function.  
The software will be available to users in September as the iPhone 7 will be shipped out with it when it is released, and it will then be downloadable for other users after.
IT’S OFFICIAL! Twitter have confirmed plans to stop counting media attachments and usernames against a tweets 140 character limit. However, it will still count towards links, below shows exactly what is changing.
The new change means if you attach a video, photo, GIF or poll then it will not count in the 140 characters. Before, media attachments took up 24 characters meaning you was very limited to the additional text you added. This particular change means that users can still share a media attachment but also add text about what it is they are sharing. Unfortunately, links will continue to count as 23 characters against the limit. Although users might see this as a negative it will stop the possibility of users sending spammy tweets with numerous links.
Twitter are also stopping the character count of @usernames but only if the usernames are in a reply, meaning you can have as many usernames as you want in a reply tweet. Usernames included in original tweets will still count against the limit.
Have you ever wanted to retweet one of your own tweets? Well, good news, Twitter are also enabling the retweet button on your own tweets!
The social media platform aren’t releasing an exact date of when the change will be happening but they have said it will be in the coming months. When the new update has been rolled out it will be available worldwide on, iOS, Android, TweetDeck,Twitter for MAC and

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