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In this weeks update we take a look at why Google Glass has shut down social accounts, the Google’s inbox app update, why marketers can’t target ads to Twitter VIPs and provide you with all the information about the AdWords app.
AdWords App Now Available for iOS Users
Google recently announced that the AdWords app for iOS users is now available for everyone. The app allows you to receive campaign performance stats and update budgets on the go. You can also receive billing and ad status notifications. If you need support, you are able to call an AdWords rep.
The iOS AdWords app is available for download in the App Store.
Google Glass Shutters Social Accounts
9to5Google have reported that the Google Glass social accounts; Twitter, Instagram and Google+ have been shut down. Twitter and Instagram’s Google Glass page now displays a 404 page and the Google+ team have displayed a goodbye message for their fans and followers.
Although the announcement has disappointed many users, the aim is to help the Glass get away from the consumer focus and into the enterprise.
Google’s Inbox App Update
There has recently been an update to Google’s inbox app, the alternative to Gmail. This app will deliver immediate answers when searching for things including tracking numbers and flight departure times.
The search results are displayed as “Top Results” in the form of cards. The “Top Results” only display the most relevant results regarding your query. The inbox app can display instant answers when searching for the below:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Membership numbers
  • Flights
  • Frequent flyer numbers
  • Events
  • Bills
  • Packing tracking numbers

These features are available now by downloading the latest version of inbox from your app store.
Re/Code have reported that Twitter VIPs will no longer see paid promotions, providing them with a completely ad-free experience. Re/Code have said:
“According to several sources, Twitter ads are displayed based on criteria such as potential volume and reach generated by displaying these ads. Twitter isn’t hurting too much for revenue in the ad department, making likely, $2.2 billion in revenue in 2015 almost all of it was from ads.”
Many users are wondering if this is the right decision to make. Was it really a necessity to shut them down? Maybe Twitter will now generate revenue through a paid subscription model to ensure the top users remain committed to the service. We will report further on this story when more information is revealed.

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