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This week in #TheLab has been slightly stressful, we have lots of big websites going live in the upcoming weeks and a little surprise of our own. We are very proud that our Digital Marketing Executive, Phoebe has been featured in Lincolnshire Business Magazine on her promotion from Marketing Assistant. The preparations for LabLive are just about finished and there are only a few tickets left, so if you are interested in joining us for a day of SEO and marketing centred activities, get your tickets now. We’re all very excited for Leeds Business Week, in which some of our team will be attending and our own Jodie will be giving a talk on search marketing. In this week’s lab weekly we talk about the new Google Pixel phone thought to be a possible iPhone competitor, Google Blogs, and AdWords Editor.
AdWords Editor 11.6
Earlier this week AdWords Editor had an update to 11.6 that includes support for various ad formats and device bid adjustments for desktop, tablet and mobile. App marketers can now create and edit universal app campaigns in Editor to then show app install ads across Google Search, Play and Youtube. You can also create and edit Gmail ads within Editor as Editor support single promotion and image templates.
The last update in Editor 11.6 is advertisers can now create and edit the new responsive ads that can show across the GDN, including the native ad placements. AdWords Editor 11.6 is now available for download.
Google Pixel PhoneNew Google Pixel Phone

Google have come out with two new phones this week, the Pixel and Pixel XL. Unlike the Nexus phones, which are Google phones made by a third party company, these are entirely Google. The phones have already come under some criticism by showing resemblance to the iPhone but there are a few features which make it something truly different. The 12.3 MP camera works extremely well in all types of light, including low, and has been highly praised so far. Due to using Google Photos as well, there is unlimited storage in the cloud for all of your images. It has become apparent that the apps which Google have released in recent months, have been in preparation for use on these new devices. Unlike the iPhone, the Pixel has a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device and despite what the iPhone are thought to be trying to get away from, the buttons on the front are embedded into the screen.
The phones will us Google Duo for video calling and Allo for messaging; these will come as default. The phones will also use Google Assistant which can be activated by holding down the home button or by saying ‘OK Google’. The devices will be able to work with Google Daydream View which gives you the ability to turn it into a VR headset. The phones come in two colours in the UK: Quite Black and Very Silver.
Google Blogs in One Place
Google is merging their 19 blogs into 1 making that blog which is now known as “The Keyword” a one-stop blog for all things Google. This will prevent the user from having to go from one to the next to find industry related news, from now on users simply need to visit one site (The Keyword) to find stories and news articles on Google adWords, maps, etc. As we all know Google is all about user experience and ensuring the user gets the information they need and want quickly and easily, and with this new blog they can provide you with just that.
“The Keyword is all the stuff we had across 19 blogs, in one place — so you don’t have to hop from one blog to another to find the latest update. If you’re looking for something from Google from now on, chances are it’s here.”
For those who prefer to focus on one topic you can still easily do this by simply going to the Menu and then Topics and selecting your topic of choice. Anything that you could previously find on the other 19 blogs can still be found on The Keyword and all topics are still written about. This has simply been done to prevent the user from jumping all over the place to get the news they want and need. This new blog has on the homepage Featured Stories, Latest News, Top Stories, Tweets from @Google and finally All The Latest.
WordPress Advanced SEO Tools
Earlier on this week announced a small set of tools that they are calling “Advanced SEO Tools”, these tools include:

  • Ability to write custom meta descriptions for blog posts
  • Ability to write custom title elements for different pages
  • A tools that shows how a URL will look in Google’s search results or when it has been shared on social networks

However, if you are a WordPress user that has been using the software for a long time and to its full advantage then this might seem like simple tools to you as they can be found via almost every SEO plugin. But the purpose of these tools being built in are for the likes of small business owners and others who have never had a website and have very little understanding of SEO. It is important to remember how important SEO is and how much of an impact it can make whether you have been using it for a long time or you have just started.

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