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New feature on Google Search Console
Google has added a new feature to the Google Search Console. You can now see the ‘severity’ of blocked content within the fetch and render tool. The new section of the fetch and render tool can now show you how important it is that a resource is being blocked, for example, image, script, CSS files and JavaScript files.
The ‘severity’ column shows a High, Medium and Low warning for each resource that is blocked. You need to make sure you’re not blocking any resources that have a high severity status.
screen shot for lab weekly 10th novembe
John Mueller of Google said on Google+ that blocking resources “sometimes plays a big role in how Google’s able to render and index a page for search.”
For a long time Google has been trying to get webmasters to stop blocking GoogleBot from accessing your web resources. Ultimately Google needs a lot more access to your resources to be able to interpret your website and how it renders.
Google is now promoting holiday shopping deals via text alerts
Google have announced:
“Testing a new ad format that conveniently delivers the latest brand offers and updates straight to consumers’ phone via text messages. People can click to subscribe to a Google service that tailors promotional messages to products they’re interested in.”
If you are searching for Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals and general holiday deals then you can subscribe to text alerts about deals and promotions.
ad lab weekly 11th nov
If the ads don’t appear you can text ‘JOIN’ to one of these numbers:

  • Black Friday deals – 847 – 904 – 0608
  • Cyber Monday deals – 847 – 906 – 8958
  • General holiday deals – 847 – 904 – 0596

You will then receive a confirmation text from Google and then begin to receive promotional alerts.
text lab weekly 11th Nov
A Google spokesperson has produced more details on the test:
The test promotions are based on the ad a user responds to and not on specific product interests. If you subscribe to the Black Friday updates, for example, you’ll receive promotion notices matched to deals available for that day.
The promotions are not linked to a retailer’s Google Merchant Feed. Instead they are built by participating retailers specifically for these text message subscriptions. If there is a link in a text message – and there isn’t always – it will go to a retailer’s mobile site.
As they are just testing at the minute there are no details on the pricing structure yet.
Social Media
Yahoo image search adds personalised photos from your Flickr collection.
Yahoo has recently announced that they have integrated flickr photos with Yahoo search, this means that when you are logged into Yahoo and you have photos in your Flickr account, Yahoo search can filter the image search results with your photos and photos from your friends. The photos will only come from your Flickr photos if you have images relevant to your search.
Yahoo said:
“If you’re signed in, your search will display personalised results from Flickr, including a selection of your own photos, images from people you follow and top public photos on Flickr.”
Below is an example of a search for Danny Sullivan without being signed in and with being signed in. In the signed in version you can see photos of Danny Sullivan that have been personally taken and uploaded to Flickr as well as images taken by friends.
Signed in:
signed in image for lab weekly
Not signed in:
not signed in image for lab weekly
Pinterest has recently released a new in-pin search feature. The new feature allows users to focus on one part and search Pinterest for specific results based on the isolated image. You can now choose one portion of the original pin so you can get more detail on that item.
To use this new feature you simply click on the small search icon in the top right corner and then drag to select the desired portion of the image. Once the item has been identified users can then filter their search results by topic.
This new powerful tool will help users to find the actual products that they have an interest in with no textual input needed. The feature has been rolled out on the web and apps so if you are a Pinterest user then check it out now!

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