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Welcome to this weeks Lab Weekly. We have all the regular news this week but we also have a bonus set of Black Friday banners to use across your website, email and social media. We want you to make the most of this top eCommerce selling day so if you haven’t got enough time to play with design then take our bundle and away you go.
We recommend optimising a page on your website for the big day, placing a banner on your homepage to direct everyone there and then promoting the offers over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and direct to your subscribers via email. Good luck!
Here is our weekly round-up of the news in digital marketing this week.

Android Marshmallow

There has been a lot of talk about Android Marshmallow – related changes recently. Single-gesture search behaviour is the most recent change. This feature allows you to long-tap on a word or phrase from any page in Google Chrome to perform a new search. The single-gesture search is currently only available on Android devices.
Google hasn’t officially announced this change so at the minute it is called “Click to Search”.
android lab weekly
The ‘Click to Search’ feature is great for mobile devices and anything that has a limited keyboard or no keyboard at all. This new method may encourage people to search more from Android Wear devices and make them more willing to leave a site or app and search again to find out more information on a topic instead of investigating within one website.
The feature can gather more information and the text it reads and not just a single word, it can also provide results from the public and Private Index. The first item in the ‘Click to Search’ result is shown in a preview box without having to complete an additional click. Usually the first result will be a form of curated Google result such as a Featured Rich Snippet or a Location Card, this means that ranking a website in this ‘Click to Search’ experience will be difficult.
second image for android lab weekly
Curated Google results are not always guaranteed to be right as occasionally the first result is a Wikipedia entry or an actual website. Anything that can show up in a regular mobile search could become the top ‘Click to Search’ result. It is important for SEOs to watch how the search options change mobile user behaviour because the potential for an ‘exit’ can now lead directly to websites, apps or search results from this new interface.
The example below is a ‘superhero’ Click to Search query, it shows a search that is initiated from a shopping page. This specific search could have been a strategic e-commerce keyword like “men’s graphic tee” or “men’s t-shirt” in which a competitive website or Google Shopping result ranked first.  
click to search superhero lab weekly
There are a lot of questions to consider with this new feature, will the new options decrease pageviews and time on sites? Will users embrace the long-hold on the home button to access Now on Tap, or is it going to be ignored?
Another thing to consider is when Google will begin allowing this type of search behaviour on images. Maybe in the near feature users will be able to click on an image in your site or your app to find similar products in other apps or websites. Image query results might even be prioritised based on Private Index information because the user has viewed it before or they could be ranking as many users have it stored in their Private Index. ‘Click to Search’ on images would add more complexity to a variety of different types of searches and it could change some aspects of mobile SEO extremely. Privacy could also be a concern for users, the question is, are strangers going to be able to a submit a picture of you that they have taken on the street then learn more about you from image-recognition search? We hope not!
For e-commerce being able to match a product by image recognition does seem like a good plan!
To conclude this all does seem like it is going to provide a better experience for users but it could be complicating for marketers and SEOs. Google really don’t fail to surprise us!

Social Media

It can sometimes be difficult to know if a celebrity that you have on Snapchat is the actual one or a fake! Snapchat has now bought out a new feature to make this easier to know by creating ‘official statuses’ for celebrities.
Snapchat have posted about the ‘official statuses’ feature..
Official Stories help Snapchatters more easily discover and identify interesting stories. If a Snapchatter has an Official Story, their name will appear under an Official Stories header when you search for them. Also, an emoji will appear next to their name so you know they’re the real deal. At this time, Official Stories are being rolled out to a small group of Snapchatters. Over time, Official Stories may become more widely available.
To see this new fantastic feature simply go onto the ‘add username’ feature and for example, search Jared Leto. It will then bring up his name and underneath ‘Official Stories’ it has his official account with an emoji.
jared leto snapchat lab weekly
The impressive thing about this feature is even if a celebrity uses a snapchat name that is different to their real name you can still locate them. For example, if you search the first few letters of Kylie Jenners name it will still show you her account even though she uses a different name.
kylie jenner
YouTube’s Shopping Ad formats for retailers are now available to all advertisers within adwords. Shopping ads and TrueView Shopping for YouTube can be set up in the adwords UI. Below is what each product name offers.
TrueView for Shopping
TrueView was first introduced in May and it allows businesses to show shopping ads for their products in their videos. Related products are also shown that are pulled from advertisers’ Google Merchant Center Product Feeds.
Trueview for shopping lab weeky
Shopping Ads on YouTube
YouTube expanded their shopping ads beyond retailers own videos in October. If you want to show shopping ads in relevant YouTube videos then you need to go into the campaign settings tab and opt your shopping campaigns in adwords into the Search Partners. The shopping ads are displayed in cards along the right side of videos on desktops and tablets, but below the videos on smartphones.
Youtube Shopping Ads
These new options are available to all advertisers in the AdWords UI. YouTube has also announced CPA bidding for TrueView app promotion campaigns.


Here are some banners, posts and headers for you to use to promote your Black Friday discounts. It does not matter what size of business you are – if you have clearance items or a great discount offer – make sure you are advertising on all fronts:

  • Email
  • Boosted post on Facebook
  • Boosted tweet on Twitter
  • Boosted gram on Instagram
  • Website banner

To access all of the graphics in one place just go to this dropbox link and download from there: 
Everyone loves a bargain – especially on Black Friday!

Facebook Black Friday Header


Facebook Black Friday Posts


Twitter Black Friday Posts


Instagram Black Friday Posts


Pinterest Black Friday Posts

Black Friday Email

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