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We had a lick of paint in #TheLab this week, in order to make sure our favourite branded colours continue on feature walls throughout the office. After a long bank holiday weekend we were all busy with numerous client projects and keeping a focus on our local profile. We have recently become a pioneering business for the birth of the Lagat Apprenticeship scheme in Gainsborough, this has led to us hiring a local student for work experience, so be sure to keep an eye out for news of him joining the team for a couple of weeks. We are also incredibly proud to give you some exclusive news having just taken the phone call, that after our recent appearance as a finalist at Lincolnshire Digital Awards, we have been shortlisted for the local DN21 Awards for two separate awards. This is another fantastic accolade for the team and all their hard work and we look forward to sharing more information with you as we know it.
On another note, looking to the industry news this week we have got new Moz tools, social and the many Google updates,
Moz Launches New Comprehensive Keyword Research Tool 
Moz announced a new keyword research tool which allows the user power of customisation when curatingKWE keyword lists. Moz is a leader in search and digital marketing tools, and they have now officially launched into keyword research with a tool known “Keyword Explorer” (or KWE). the goal of this tool is to take users through the research process and provide them with more information such as metrics and scoring.
In the image you can see the interface you are provided with, also in the image is the “Latest Lists” and a search box which you can enter a term or phrase into which will then provide you with analysis, suggestion, difficulty and more, you can also select which country you wish to do your keyword research on. Users have access to two free searches a day and will require a Moz Pro account for more searches, you can also purchase outside of Moz Pro.
Google Updates the AMP Report in the Google Search Console
John Mueller from Google has recently announced that the Google Search Console report for AMP pages has been updated. The update is to provide an improved categorisation and “better group similar issues”. The update also shows you more information on the problems that Google has found when crawling your AMP pages. This is the first update since the report was added in January.
Google Confirms the Date of the New AdWords Redesign Demo
Google have been talking about redesigning AdWords for a while now. The new design is to provide an easier-to-navigate interface for all devices. Paul Feng, AdWords Product Management Director has said the redesign process, including testing by big and small advertisers in multiple verticals, will roughly take 12 to 18 months.
Following this, Google have recently announced that on the 24th May Google will be presenting a live demo of the new redesign. This event will take place in San Francisco and will be livestreamed for anyone to watch beginning at 9am PT/12pm ET. To register for the livestream, click here.
Google Adds Related Topics to Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are often displayed in the search results when Google feel like they can answer your query by collecting content from a specific web page. It now seems that Google is showing the extended versions of the featured snippets with “related topics” that hyperlink to additional queries. Below is an example of a “personal loan” Google search query showing the extended featured snippets.

Google Penalises Mobile Sites Using Sneaky Redirects
Google have recently announced that they have been “taking action on sites that sneakily redirect mobile users to spammy domains” Sneaky redirects are not a good action to take and Google has taken action against this and penalised websites for directing users to a site they do not expect to go to from the search results. Google want the users to land on a site that they expected to land on based on the snippet that Google shows.
Not long after Instagram introduced their 60 second videos, they are now being tested as ads in a carousel format. Carousel ads are when an ad appears as you are scrolling Instagram and you can swipe them left to view similar ads from the same advertiser. Based on a campaign from Wendy’s, users which had the carousel ads were 20% more likely to remember the campaign than those who did not see it in the carousel format. The carousel format has been on Instagram for more than a year now but has not been tried with videos. Thanks to the success of carousel ads on Facebook as well, they are becoming much more desirable for advertisers, combine this with Instagram’s 60 second videos, the ads have the potential to be more successful. The carousel ads on Instagram can now include three to five ads of both images and videos. Companies that have been thought to be testing these video ads include Taco Bell, Macy’s, and ASOS. These ads are thought to be testing with only a select group of advertisers and will be be available for all advertisers in the coming weeks.

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