It’s been a busy week in the Lab, with lots of meetings and our new starter, Jessica Milner our new Marketing Manager. Some of the team are preparing for the Nottingham Business Expo that we will be attending on Thursday 3rd March, more details of our stand will be available on our social media pages as soon as we know more. The exhibition is a valuable prospect for companies to network, promote and generate new business. The Business Expo has 100’s of stands and hubs, from a variety of different sectors, including private and public sectors, corporates and SME’s. The exhibition prides itself on its mixture of local businesses and organisations sharing their advice and market experiences within multiple workshops. The local speakers and guest speakers can all be found on the website as well as the opportunity to buy tickets to come along and have a chat with us.

In this article we discuss some of the interesting things that have been happening in the world of digital marketing and social media this week, including Facebook releasing the much awaited “reactions” globally.

Google highlights AMP pages in mobile search results

A few months ago Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) project that aimed to bring Facebook Instant Articles experiences to the web. This week Google have announced that they will start highlighting AMP-enabled pages in its mobile search results. Resulting in  Google displaying a carousel that highlights the stories on AMP-enabled sites. These pages will load up much faster than regular mobile pages.

Google will load the pages you have clicked on from the carousel, however instead of having to go back to the search results page to see other stories you can swipe left and right to jump to other stories. The AMP pages load four times faster and use ten times less data than non-AMP pages. This is due to the pages being stripped down HTML pages with some AMP-specific markup. Google have also worked with ad networks and analytics firms to improve how they handle AMP pages.

AMP also supports paywalls, sponsored content and many video players. Google’s product manager for the AMP project, Rudy Galfi said, he believes Google has only scratched the surface with regard to advertising in AMP but he believes support is now “in a really good place”. Galfi has also said that the team have seen over 1,300 code submissions to its GitHub page since the company first announced the project and over 5,800 developers have now contributed.

Social Media


Facebook reactions have been at the development stage for a while now, however Facebook announced this week that “reactions” are now available for all users. This new feature extends the “like” button allowing people to express their reactions, these include: Love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

Reactions should now be available to all users on desktop, mobile web and iOS and Android apps.


Pinterest have recently updated its movie and recipe rich pins with richer data to enhance the user experience.

Recipe pins will now have ingredients, cooking times and serving sizes, this update will increase the number of pins in the system to four billion. Pinterest have said that nearly 90% of pinners are saving food and drink recipes on their mobile devices.

Movie pins are now going to display information on ratings, cast members and movie reviews.

These releases mean users on Pinterest can gather everything they need directly from the pin instead of having to visit external sites.