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There have been a few face-lifts and a lot of changes to the way Google and Facebook do things this week. You might say well that is the same as every other week and you would likely be right. They are the leaders in innovation and the competition is heating up as the battle between Google and Facebook is notable in video with YouTube and now in search with paid and targeted ads using email addresses.
If Facebook try something then you can be sure Google will be hot on their heels and if Google branch off in a new direction Facebook will soon have it covered. So, when they are both putting money and time into an area you know you need to be taking notice. Here are the three news snippets that caught our eye this week – enjoy!

Google Confirms Real Time Penguin  Algorithm Is On It’s Way

Just a quick post as we always need to know what Penguin or Panda are doing and what to expect next. The next Penguin algorithm is on its way. The news comes from Google’s Gary Illyes who hopes it will arrive by the end of the year. The goal of this version is for it to be real-time and what that means is that Google as soon as Google discovers that a link has been removed or disavowed then the Penguin algorithm will be able to process that change almost immediately. It means that those hit by a penalty would be able to recover much quicker – having had to wait almost a year previously! For an SEO agency this really is exciting news.

Upload Email Lists For Search Ad Targeting On Google 

Google has recently announced a new feature available in Adwords that will give ability to upload and target audiences built from an advertiser’s email list. Customer match will also allow advertisers to bid and create ads that are tailored to customer segments in search, Youtube Trueview ads and Gmail ads. You will now be able to upload email lists manually or through the API in adwords. It will be a lot more powerful being able to set bids and create ad copy based on the advertiser data on their customer.
George Michie the Chief Marketing Scientist for Merkle RKG told Search Engine Land in the spring when the rumours about the move were first published;

“Browser behavioural targeting is a pretty crude tool – better than nothing, certainly – but pretty crude. The ability to fold in real customer insight, understanding all the brand’s interactions with a person online and offline going as far back in history as you want is a gigantic leap forward. Understanding which customers prefer to buy online or off, which physical location they prefer allows for a level of personalisation we just haven’t had in the walled-garden of Google.”

New Ways To Buy, Optimise and Measure Ads – It Is a Mobile World

It is quite obvious that people spend a lot of time on mobile devices whether it’s communicating or browsing through social media. Since February there has been a 25% growth in the number of active advertisers on Facebook. With this growth constantly getting bigger it is important that tools keep getting built that advertisers need to reach people will relevant content on mobile.
Recently at the Advertising Week in New York City, the new updates were discussed to help advertisers give people a better ads experience.
TRP Buying
TV is one of the best platforms for marketers to build their brands. Nielsen conducted Facebook-commissioned custom research that showed boosting TV campaigns with Facebook video ads increases incremental reach, increases efficiency and improves effectiveness.
When measured across 42 US campaigns advertisers saw a 19% increase in targeted reach when TV and Facebook were combined compared to TV alone. The incremental reach also increased to 37%  when Millennials were the targeted audience. It has been proven that Facebook impressions were two times more likely to it their target audience than TV impressions, meaning advertisers spent less to reach their target audiences.
Neilsens study with seven recent campaigns showed that the amount of people exposed to TV and Facebook had a 3.2% point increase in ad memorability, 11.5% point increase in brand linkage and a 22.7% point increase in likeability linkage.
Advertisers will now be able to plan, buy and measure Facebook video ads using target rating point (TRP) as the metric. Marketers will be able to plan a campaign across Facebook and TV with an idea of a total TRP target then buy a share of those TRPs with Facebook. After this Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings measurement system will be able to verify Facebook’s in-target TRP delivery and Neilsen’s Total Ad Ratings system can then verify the TRP delivery for Facebook and television combined.
Brand Awareness Optimisation
Advertisements fall into two categories – brand awareness and direct response (DR), both of these categories are very different but important. Brand awareness optimisation is designed to help advertisers find the audiences that are most likely to recall their ads using the two primary factors; Attention and reach.
Brand awareness is not just about how many people you reach it is also about earning people’s attention. Brand awareness optimisation will be available when buying in the ads auction and the Reach & Frequency tool in power editor. This feature will be available on Facebook and Instagram in October but the full availability will be coming in the upcoming months.
Mobile Polling
Earlier this year mobile polling was launched in collaboration with Nielsen, it is now partnered with Millward Brown Digital for brand lift insights on Facebook and Instagram, the mobile polling now means that advertisers can conduct mobile polling on both platforms.
Conducting mobile polls for mobile campaigns will allow advertisers to measure the campaign’s effectiveness where the messages are being delivered. Marketers can also observe the changes in brand metrics caused by their campaigns. If you are interested in the mobile polling you should contact your Facebook sales representatives.
Carousel Format
Carousel format is a storytelling tool for marketers, adding video into this format will give marketers more options for storytelling in news feeds. For example;

‘A retailer can show a video promoting a new line of sportswear followed by images of featured products.’

Video in the carousel format will start this week in Power Editor and expand to the Ads Create Tool in the coming weeks.

Google My Business Portal Undergoes a Facelift 

Google Business forums have recently announced a new design update for the Google My Business Portal. This new feature has new navigation making it easier to access primary features and gives you straightforward access to multiple locations using Google My Business Locations.
This new update has new tabs and buttons providing new actions for editing, photos, insights and reviews.
Google said:

“Merchants with multiple locations or Google+ brand pages will see an updated management experience with two tabs; One for ‘location’ and another for Google+ ‘Brand pages’ where you can view your listings on pages in either a card and a list format. There are also ‘contact support’ links that provides faster support.” Source
Mike Blumenthal posted a video tour of the new portal naming the changes “Improved organisational structures, better menus, easier navigation and faster response times.”

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