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Pinterest Guided Search- What Does it Mean for Business?
Starting off Lab Weekly round up this week is a fair bit of social media, basically this has come about through a question from a client. This is a really good subject at the moment, Guided Search is Pinterests latest tool to make searching its 30 Billion pins much easier to do.
It is currently only available for mobile on both iOS and Android but is coming to desktop later this year. Pinterest have said that Guided Search is “made for exploring, whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re just starting to look around. ”
It basically works by offering broad suggestions as you do your search and bubbling to the top anything related that is trending at the time, the hope is that it will allow users to find things more easily no matter whether the item was in their mind from the offset or was something suggested to them along their journey.
How will his affect businesses or brands that are using Pinterest?
Firstly, lets be clear in that Pinterest have already said it will not affect search rankings so your pins are not affected. However, it is being seen as an incentive for Brands to ensure that their pins, titles and descriptions are optimised for SEO.
Basically what this means is ensuring that exisiting pins are making use of relevant keywords in these areas to help highlight and promote distinctive elements of pins to give them the most optimal chance of being discovered.
Facebook Announces ‘Anonymous’ Logins
At its latest F8 Facebook Developer Conference this week the ever flambouyant Mark Zuckerberg discussed in his keynote address what some have called ‘one of the most important revelations’ Anonymous Logins. Basically this allows everyday users of the largest social media platform in the world to withhold from sharing any of our personal Facebook data with the app developers and more importnatly the ad networks associated with any of these apps.
That said this extension of Facebook Connect is not truly “Anonymous” what it actually means is that the app or service won’t be ablt to receive any of that personal information but Facebook will still retain it as it is them that verifies you. This means they will still get the upfront on what you are doing, what app you are logging into and how often you have logged into that app which it gets to keep and merge with any amount of other data it holds on you.
After all the fuss recently about privacy and security it does show that Facebook do care about these issues others such as Parmy Olsen @parmy who writes for Forbes are also seeing it as “actually help the wold’s largest social network become the world’s most powerful data broker for advertisers and app developers over the next few years” see more here.
A bit of Writing Humour
No infographic of the week this week, instead we have a little bit of writing humour. Many of us write on blogs or in other areas, quite often as part of our daily work routines and recently this brilliant illustration was shared with the team via twitter. The graphic is by well known illustrator Grant Snider @grantdraws and looks ar various Styles of Writing, enjoy.
Styles of Writing by Grant Snider
Our final item this week is our new Feature ‘Tip of the Week’ in which on of our team will share a nugget we hope will be of benefit to our readers, some of these will be at a beginner level and for some you will need to be a little more advanced, this week….
Seeing as the theme this week seems to be Social Media heres a great tip for you on posting with Twitter, it will seem really simple when you read it but most people won’t have considered it.
When writing your tweets try and leave at least twenty available characters, leaving this small number will allow others to retweet your message comfortably.
See you next week……

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