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So today we have a social media focused Lab Weekly with an infographic and updates on social media platforms making the news. Without further a do lets get cracking on social media changes, tweaks and the SEO implications of the global addiction.

Social Media and SEO

Sprout Social got in touch with us this week to share their infographic on SEO Tips for Social Media Managers. It is often a hottly debated topic whether social media matters in the world of SEO or if social signals are a fallacy. While there are plenty that say social signals have never been confirmed as important ranking factors to Google there is also plenty of evidence that suggests there are far more benefits that outweigh any negatives. The negatives really only amount to the time and effort you put into social and the subsequent conversions. Here are some points we feel are pertinent to social media from an SEO perspective:

  • The more shares, likes and comments you get the higher your Facebook page will rank on Google: Fact – so you are increasing your visibility and putting another point of access into brand name searches
  • You are creating external links when people share and embed your infographics and PDFs and are linking to your articles and site pages
  • Brand awareness – why would Google not take notice of people discussing your brand name and actively engaging with your material?
  • The hashtag on Google+, Instagram and Twitter tells Google what keywords matter to you and this adds another layer to your content that essentially provides major search engines a blueprint of what markets and searches you are relevant to

Yes Google have been vocal on some occasions saying there is no direct correlation between search and social signals but given they take note of pages that are viewed and enjoyed by users how can they possibly differentiate. Social matters is the bottom line here so here is a well researched infographic from Sprout Social on how you can improve your Social footprint with an SEO focus. For the full article go to SEO Tips for Social Media Managers:
infographic on social media and seo

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Late last week saw the arrival of a new feature on Facebook, something businesses and consumers have been waiting for! Thursday last week saw the entrance of Facebook’s first Gif, it was Wendy’s that took the plunge first followed by a Brazilian brand.
This is a huge step for Facebook marketing, we have photos, videos, text posts but there was always something missing. It never did make much sense that Facebook blocked gifs, all other major social media platforms have supported animated gifs for a while now.
When the feature was first rolled out in May there were issues with who could enjoy it. At first only personal profiles were able to upload and share gifs – but it is now finally being rolled out across some brand pages, but not all! Hopefully over the next few months we will see a change. So this is Wendy’s animated Gif – reported as the first one to hit Facebook:
Wendy's animated gif


A new social media site that is making a stir and for good reason! The ‘service’ called ETer9 earns its scientific or technological name. It claims to learn individuals personality using artificial intelligence (AI). It is very much like something from the future and you will be forgiven for feeling it has a sci-fi film quality about it. It has the capability to post updates for you and even after you have died, transforming users into “eternal beings”. With a Facebook like newsfeed and a ‘cortex’ that resembles Facebook’s wall it does have a popular feel to it. You can ‘smile’ at things similar to a like and you can also adopt virtual ‘assistants’ that are known as Niners. It is through your commenting, sharing, and interacting with other users that Eter9 creates a virtual ‘counterpart’ that can then post for you. Are we ready for AI in social media? Definitely one to watch!


New from LinkedIn essentially is a pretty convincing report about the strengths of their sponsored updates. On the back of this they have released a new guide on how to increase your ROI through Sponsored Updates. The full LinkedIn ’10 Ways to Drive Killer ROI with Your Sponsored Updates’ eBook is available here for free (with sign-up).
Their data has shown:

  • 77% of professionals expect to read professional content on LinkedIn
  • 74% believe it’s the place to get content relevant to their career and professional interests

So if you are producing strong content then LinkedIn is keen for you to promote it with their paid updates and maximise its potential.


Twitter this week made a move to protect politicians from having their deleted tweets logged and held against them. The Independent reported that the Open State Foundation has received a letter from Twitter. Twitter suspended access to Politwoops ( a tool which captures deleted tweets of elected politicians across 30 countries). Twitter stated that their decision followed a:
“thoughtful internal deliberation and close consideration of a number of factors.” “Imagine how nerve-racking- terrifying, even – tweeting would be if it was immutable and irrevocable?” it asked. “No one user is more deserving of that ability than another”. (source)
There is much debate around this decision and whether it was the right call. There have been leaked emails in the past that will be recorded in history and those senders had no right of deletion. Politicians do have a public facing position and whether they say something verbally inappropriate or via a Tweet it is still an extension of who they are whether a mistake or not. The edit buttons and ability to delete tweets and other social media posts exist more for typos but of course everyday individuals can take down ill advised posts without the fear of them popping back up in circulation.
Director of Open State Foundation, Arjan El Fassed argues: “We believe that Twitter’s decision to ban a useful tool for holding politicians to account is a mistake. Even the so-called “right to be forgotten” excludes statements made on the internet by public officials, as well as anything that could be in the public interest.” (source)
It is a sensitive area that will likely be debated for years to come – should politicians be extended the same conditions as ordinary citizens or do their positions justify the existence of tools like Politwoops?
That is this weeks round-up – we hope you have enjoyed it and look forward to bringing more news your way next week.

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