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Spring Fair

Yesterday was the last day of Spring Fair, the UK’s largest gift event. The Birmingham NEC was packed with exhibitors showcasing new and innovative products, this is place to be for the home and gift industry. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the vast amount of exhibitors and seeing all the amazing products on offer. We spoke to many potential clients and hopefully helped some people with our SEO knowledge. Over the course of the fair we were running a competition, the fastest person to complete our SEO inspired ‘Don’t Buzz the Wire’ game, would win a delightful £100 Retro Sweet Hamper. With an impressive 28.28seconds the winner is Ellie Douglas of Croft House Interiors.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has made some changes to their video ads due to embracing the increased mobile usage of their site. Now buying and measuring video ads on mobile is much more effective and will provide the advertiser with more views and stronger brand metrics.
Advertisers will be able to easily add captions to their video ads with a new tool available in Ads Manager and Power Editor in the coming weeks. Auto-generated captions will be created within the ad creation tool which the advertiser can then edit if they wish and save them to their video ads.
Since the announcement of Facebook partnering with ad analytics company Moat in September, we have been eagerly waiting. The partnership is now officially live and means advertisers can receive performance date on their video ad views and the view lengths. Facebook has also been working with Millward Brown and Nielson to measure brand metric outcomes. Their goal is to have measurements with every campaign so advertisers are given metrics to improve.
Facebook are also offering an option for advertisers to purchase 100 percent viewable ad campaigns, with Moat’s data, advertisers can be certain of what they are buying instead of having to take Facebook’s word for it.

Google remove right-to-be-forgotten links worldwide, for searchers in European countries.

A right to be forgotten link is one that is deemed to violate someone’s privacy, be harmful in some way, and be no longer relevant to public interest. This right to be forgotten is only available in Europe and currently stands that if someone requests a link and a specific search term is removed, search engines such as Google can remove them from the European version of their sites if granted.  This means that if you make a search that has been removed under this right to be forgotten, anyone searching on the European versions of Google (, .fr, .de, etc.) won’t find anything. However, someone searching on a non-European version of Google (.com, .ca) would still be able to see results, this is what Google is planning to change.
In the near future it will stand that for searchers in the country where the right to be forgotten request came from, no results will show no matter which version of Google they use. As long as users are physically in the country where the request came from, they would not be able to find the results on non-European versions; a loophole with the original policy. This has come about because France’s Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) thought this undermined the whole point of what the right to be forgotten was put in place for. CNIL threatened to sue Google last year and even though Google appealed, they seem to have given up and the worldwide change will come.

Moz Local Insights Released from Beta

Since it was first announced in November, this feature has been in Beta. Now that label can be removed and will help Moz’s customers have a complete understanding of their local search presence. The feature allows users to distribute their business listing information to a range of platforms including directories, apps, maps and sites and then being able to manage, track and optimise this.
Two changes have been made since the initial announcement:
Moz Local Insights will be able to help clients track their performance across all of their Google My Business locations. Using Google My Business API data which is currently accessible only a single location at a time, Local Insights can show a graph with 35 listings with the data that’s available in GMB. They will also highlight the locations that are best and worst performing, and with top gains and losses. The same data is also available for click data.
The data can also now be available as PDFs so they can be shared easily. Local Insights will provide a single PDF that contains the sections: Distribution Insights (Accuracy, Listing Score, and Reach), Performance (Google My Business and Google Analytics), Visibility (Local pack and organic), Reputation.
Moz is providing a two-week free trial of this, pricing will then be $120 for self-serve locations and $99 for enterprise locations per year.

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