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It is time for our weekly round up of key SEO news and digital marketing trends. Hard to believe that we are already half way through January – time flies when your busy building an empire! Hopefully, you have finalised your online marketing strategy for 2015 after reading last weeks blog and are ready to take the New Year by storm! There is a few interesting pieces below, not least about the importance of video to your marketing campaign. If you are an eCommerce store then pay close attention to the recent results on video and conversion rates.
Enjoy your weekly catch up and have a great weekend everyone!

Google Opens a Temporary Visitor Centre

Google have opened a temporary tour centre ahead of a permanent one coming in summer later this year. Google has never before granted access to their property except to official visitors and employees. The visitor centre has been opened at their headquarters in Mountain View, California.
If you cannot afford a trip to California right now you are in luck, Danny Sullivan, the Founding Editor of Search Engine Land, went for a tour and posted his experience on Twitter:


Facebook Introduces ‘Work’, A Social Tool For Businessess and Employees

Facebook have brought our obsession into the open and made it official that everyone knows employees browse their Facebook at work…really! Surely not! They think there is such a big market that they are developing a new product to make the social media platform more work-friendly.
The name for this product is simply ‘Work’ and it sounds a lot like an intranet except that it will be accessible outside of work also. It will give businesses the ability to develop a self-contained social network exclusively for their employees. It will mirror the standard platform in design and user experience and users will be able to access their work account via their normal account. They also have the option of creating a new ID just for work use if they so wish.
How will it differ?
There will be no advertisements of data tracking so you can get down to business without these standard distractions. This will be a confidential platform. By using the ‘groups’ feature to simulate interaction and messaging Facebook believes it can rival, and even replace, workplace email. Are we looking at an integrated system that will keep internal emails separate to external and ultimately provide a more fluid and modern conversational experience…well maybe! Others have tried and failed at this, but none of them were Facebook!
There has been an increase in workplace communication apps on the market but we do all know and love Facebook (the stats are undeniable) so whether Facebook is reacting to that surge or not, they have a good stab at taking a sizeable market share if they get this right. The product is currently in its testing phase so we will have to see how it is received later in the year.

Video Matters

A recent survey of retail brands such as Best Buy, Newegg, OnlineShoes and Under Armour has shown that video gives ecommerce sites an advantage. Marketing Land reports that:

“Over half (57 percent) of retailers surveyed reported average order value (AOV) increases of at least 50 percent for customers that watch video on a product page. The remaining 43 percent reported no negative impact.”

The stats are very encouraging in terms of  video conversion and with no negative impact reported surely makes this asset a priority for ecommerce sites. The social media traction gained from video via YouTube, Instagram and these days very much on Facebook, would also be another bonus to video creation. If you were filming product videos and took the time to add a few introductions and for your wider target audience on social media you would create two new marketing angles to enhance your sites conversion rate.
Image Source:
With a direct correlation between the number of videos watched and the average order value increases the message here is loud and clear. Your audience wants to see how your product works, what it does, get closer to the quality of the item, the versatility and see a first-hand demonstration of what they are purchasing. If you have the budget to do so give them what they want and get video added to your product pages.
The best way to optimise video once you have it is to:

  • Make the play video button visible and accessible
  • Guide viewers to related videos in case that wasn’t quite what they wanted
  • Get maximum exposure on your videos by distributing them to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram (if they are 15 seconds or shorter), Twitter Vine (If they are 6 seconds or shorter). The survey demonstrated that external views also increased revenue.
  • Keep them concise and to the point, high quality and easy to follow and understand
  • To contradict the last point if a product is complex or of high value take the time to introduce it and explain it in detail – longer videos tend to convert better in these cases
  • Incorporate video for mobile sites and apps as we know that over half of our audience is already going to be viewing our sites on mobile and this is highly likely to grow


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