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Things are always changing in the world of digital marketing and social media, with a range of new updates and changes to various software’s. This week we have a selection of different stories, including Yahoo announcing they will officially be closing on March 31st 2016. Also we have a range of stories around the popular social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including Twitter announcing they will soon be displaying GIF search options on the platform. You can sign up for weekly updates via our website. 
Yahoo to Close BOSS
Yahoo launched BOSS, a build your own search service back in July 2008. The service allowed non-developers and developers to build a search service through their search tools.
However, Yahoo have recently announced that this service will officially be closing on March 31st 2016. If you visit or the BOSS API page they now read:
“At Yahoo, we’re always looking for ways to streamline and simplify products for our customers. With this focus in mind, we will discontinue the BOSS JSON Search API on March 31st 2016. Access to the BOSS APIs will continue until March 31st 2016. Moving forward, customers leveraging the BOSS JSON Search API can instead use YPA, a Javascript Solution that provides algorithmic web results with search ads for publishers who manage their own search engine results pages (SERPs). Click here to apply or learn more about YPA, or if you are working with a Yahoo Partner Manager, they can help you explore your options.”
Google to Launch Accelerated Mobile Pages This Month
AdAge have recently announced that they have confirmation that Google will be launching AMP search results. (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on Wednesday February 24th. This project is intended for any publisher to have pages load much faster on mobile devices.
If you would like to see a demo on your mobile device you can visit:
The option to become a publisher on Facebook was released nine months ago, this allowed publishers to create interactive articles directly on Facebook. This program was initially supported by nine partners, including, BuzzFeed, BBC News and The New York Times.
Facebook have recently announced that on April 12th anyone who chooses to opt in will be able to host content directly on the social media platform. The benefit of allowing a wider audience to publish is the publisher will be able to keep 100% of their revenue.
Although, not all publishers might not agree with idea of using Facebook to publish their articles, for some, this feature may be very beneficial. The big question is, will Facebook be becoming more of a publishing platform? I guess we will have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming months.
GIFS have recently become extremely popular all over the web with many social media platforms using different ones for their posts. The image search engine announced this week that it had closed a $55 million series C round. With so many social media networks using them, it seems that Twitter lack in the GIF search feature even though in 2015 over 100 million GIFS were shared on the platform.
However, there’s no reason to panic as Twitter have recently announced that they will be rolling out GIF searches across the platform. But unfortunately users may not be able to see the GIF search straight away as it is being rolled out slowly. Twitter are excited to be able to release this new feature with users.
Instagram launched video in 2013, but there has always been something missing, unlike Facebook, Youtube and Vine, Instagram don’t display view counts on videos. However, that is all about to change, Instagram have recently announced that in the upcoming weeks they will be releasing the feature allowing you to see view counts on videos as well as “like” and “comment” counts. This new feature will improve many businesses as they will now be able to analyse their most popular content which of course has an impact on their business.
Instagram is always developing new ideas and features to make the platform more beneficial for both current and potential users. Make sure you look out for this new feature which will be appearing in the coming weeks.

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