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We have lots to report on in this week’s Lab Weekly, with stories including updates more updates to Google. This includes, the ability to now submit URLs directly through Google’s search engine to then be indexed, you can find out more about this in our “Digital News This Week”. Scroll down to our #LabInsights to see our fantastic spreadsheet cheats that are sure to make your excel lives a lot easier!
We hope you enjoy this week’s Lab Weekly and have a very enjoyable Easter weekend, and remember there is no limit on how much chocolate you can eat!

Digital News This Week

Similar Items To Appear On Your Google Image Search On Mobile

If you are wanting to be noticed by your future customers and they are searching for a certain product that they may have seen online that relates to your own product, but they are unsure where to buy said product, Google is here to help both you and the customer out!
Recently announced, Google has developed their search engine to search images that now works on the mobile web and in the Android Search app. If they search an image, Google will not only show them the choices that they are looking for in particular, but also similar choices. For example, if an image has been searched that is related to ‘lifestyle’, Google provides results that has further product images from other businesses that you can buy they desired item.
If you are wanting your items to be recognised and discovered by potential customers, the product manager on Google Image Search, Julia E has instructed that you use product metadata on your pages and markup as it allows you to make sure your products are shown when an image has been searched. To achieve this goal, it is important to:

  • Be sure that the product offerings on your pages have product markup along with an image reference. Your products must be accompanied with a name, an image, a price and currency and availability meta-data on the host page to be considered as a ‘Similar Item’.
  • With Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool you must test your pages as it will verify that the product markup has the correct format.
  • To view your own product images on image search, you must issue the query “” Information about your product may appear once a possible customer has tapped on your image from your website and it usually takes Googlebot up to a week to recrawl your website for these results to appear.

Here is what you and your customer should see:

So far, Google’s similar items search feature can be used for searching “handbags, sunglasses and shoes” but Google has mentioned that in the next upcoming months these results should cover “other apparel and home & garden categories.”

Google Search Results Update

It has been announced this week that you can now submit URLs into the Google index directly in the search results page. You just have to simply search for “Submit URL to Google” and then Google will display a box at the top of the page that then allows you to submit a URL to Google’s index. There are no limits to which URLs you can submit, after you have done it Google will then review and decide if they want to index the URL to then show it in their search results.

Facebook Updates

Would you believe it if I said there has been more updates added to Facebook? If you are a brand or a publisher then you are going to have to familiarise yourself with the latest changes that Facebook are in the process of making to the measurements on Pages’ organic videos. Below you can find a selection of the new changes.

  • Facebook will no longer be displaying a chart that shows the total number of views by day and time periods that lasted at least 10 seconds. Due to this, brands and publishers will need to involve themselves with the chart plotting three-second views or use the Facebook’s graph API to access the aggregate 10 second views numbers.
  • Before these changes, pages broke down their video views for a specific amount of time and only showed them ones. However, now the total views metric will report all of the views for a given time period, regardless of when the video was uploaded.
  • You can now pick out a certain time period from the past and compare aggregate measurements.
  • Facebook will now be showing the aggregate number of minutes that people spend watching page videos.
  • You can now find an option for Pages to see their top videos based on the total number of minutes people spend watching each video received.


Spreadsheet Cheats…

Do you find that you struggle using Excel spreadsheets? Don’t worry, you are not the only one! Spreadsheets can be useful for so many things, especially in digital marketing and SEO. As a company we use spreadsheets for collecting a lot of our data; missing content and meta, leads and much more.
We have collected some quick formulas that you can use…
Will return you the exact length of character of the cell including spaces.
Will remove any duplicates in a range of cells that are selected.
Check if two cells have the same value and output another with this simple IF formula
=IF(A1 = B1, C1,0)
This formula will check if A1 and B1 are equal, if so it will output C1 if not it will output 0

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