Technical SEO

Sitelinks Search Box

Google announced towards the end of last week that it was launching a new and improved ‘Sitelinks Search Box’ this improved version has been specifically designed to make it easier for end users to find specific content items on a site directly through the sites own search pages.

Google have clearly realised that users searching for a site by the company name may actually be looking for very specific pages and in the past if the algorithm detected this it displayed a larger set of sitelinks with an additional search box below the sitelinks.

In the newly rolled out version the search box is now displayed in a much more prominent position above the extended sitelinks and has much improved features such as autocomplete and has the ability to allow users to perform site:searches directly from within the results which is pretty impressive.

Sitelinks Search Box


Of course in order for this last great new feature to work your pages need to have the ‘potentialAction’ property from schema.org implemented and full details on how to do this can be found here Implementing Sitelinks Search Box.

Further details on the new ‘Sitelinks Search Box’ can be found on the official launch notice here


Knowledge Graph

In other news this week it would appear Google have started testing a new ‘Knowledge Graph’ feature at the moment known as ‘In the News’ as reported by Search Engine Land, our own search in attempting to replicate this yielded similar results as seen below.

Knowledge Graph



In the field of PPC things are always changing and this week we are discussing two new features recently rolled out by Google, Callouts and changes to Ad Text for Ad Extensions on Mobile


Callouts extensions has been released to provide advertisers with more space in which they can market their products by displaying additional text below search ads in order to highlight any special products or services for that particular business.

The callouts extensions will allow an additional 25 characters to the current 35 character limit thus allowing advertisers to create more copy. It will also allow users to create customised callouts for mobile as well as allowing callouts to be blocked from certain devices.

At the time of writing this new feature is still limited but Google has said the rollout will be available to all users over the next couple of weeks.

Ad Text for Ad Extensions on Mobile Updates

From the 15th October Google has announced that it may display ad extensions on its mobile search ads instead of the second line of ad text and that the second description line may then display or not display depending on performance.

Senthil Hariramasamy Product Manager at Adwords said in a recent blog post on the Inside Adwords blog “By eliminating the second line of ad text, we give businesses another point of engagement with customers in their ads”.

Social Media

Twitter Buy Button

Probably the biggest news in Social Media this week was the announcement that Twitter have been trialling a new feature in the US that will make it much easier to make a purchase direct from the Twitter feed.

Twitter Buy Now ButtonThe new ‘Buy Button’ will allow advertisers to promote and purchasers to buy from adverts with a just two clicks of the button, if the user is already registered with or known to a service they will only be required to tap the button a second time to confirm otherwise they will be required to add payment and shipping details.

In a recent article on the BBC’s website Twitter said they had “19 partners had signed up to the tests, including pop singer Rihanna, non-profit group Nature Conservancy and fashion brand Burberry.”

Currently only available to a very limited number in the US this new feature could revolutionise the way we purchase goods from mobile devices.

Facebook Call to Action

In other Social Media news this week we stumbled upon further evidence of the recent experiments with the new add a ‘Call to Action’ feature in Facebook’s organic video upload. This new feature will allow businesses to create call to action ads within the feed when uploading organic video as can be seen in the images below.

Facebook Add Call to Action Feature 01

Facebook Add Call to Action Feature 02

Facebook Add Call to Action Feature 03

Of course this feature is already familiar to Facebook Marketers using Facebook advertising but until recently it hasn’t been seen in the direct timeline and we look forward to seeing much more from this feature in the near future and can’t wait for the marketing prospects will bring when it is hopefully rolled out as a permanent feature.

This week we have taken a look at Sitelinks, Callouts and Twitter Buy Button as well as some interesting news on Knowledge Graph and the Facebook Add a Call to Action feature. We are going to finish this week not with any real new revelations about content but an interesting statistic that backs up what we have been promoting over the past months.

“Eighty-six per cent of marketers have produced more content over the last 12 months than they did the previous year, according to B2B Marketing’s” 2014 Content Benchmarking Report.