Q&A @ Lincolnshire Business Expo 2018

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Following all the positive feedback from previous years we were very keen to sponsor the Lincolnshire Expo again this year. It is always packed full of local businesses that are eager to discuss business which is refreshing. Throughout the day, our stand was very busy with lots of potential clients coming over for a chat to find out what it is that we can offer them.

Throughout the event our Digital Marketing Executives went around the hall and visited a variety of stands to ask them some questions regarding marketing and the event. You can see the questions and answers below.

What’s your favourite social media channel and why?

We asked United Agency, a graphic design and web design company in Lincoln. They said their favourite social media platform is Instagram because everything is visual and instant. Instagram is a very useful platform for United Agency because it is a easier way to show their audience the work they carry out.

What is your biggest marketing challenge for 2018?

For this question we asked St Barnabas, a charity who provide specialist care and support for those who need it. When asked this question, Marketing Manager Jess said their biggest challenge is creating an optimised but mainly user friendly website.

Did you have any specific goals before coming here today?

For this question, we asked the Gelders Group. The business began in 1988, and over the years they have become a major construction company, known to many. When asked if they had any specific goals before coming to the Lincs Business Expo, they said all they wanted to do was general networking and be able to have a chat with the people that were there. We think this is a pretty good reason!

Do you have someone managing your social media or do you do it inhouse?

We spoke to Ruddocks, a team of highly talented designers, marketers and project managers. They said that in the past they have sourced their social media to a external team but now they have their own marketing manager in house who does their social media. They prefer doing it this way because they can control it a lot more efficiently and make it more personal.

What do you find most difficult about local marketing?

For this question, we thought we would ask Visit Lincoln as their marketing is very localised. They said that they think companies are not using digital agencies to the best of their abilities.

As well as the above questions we also asked several businesses two main questions that we think are important to know in the world of digital marketing.

What device do you use most often within the business environment?

The possible answers were; Desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. The pie chart below shows the answers in percentages.

What internet browser do you use most often within the business environment?

The possible answers for this question were; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Other. You can see the answers in the chart below.

Like always, the show turned out to be an amazing success with lots of potential leads coming from it. We look forward to seeing what else 2018 brings us as SEO Traffic Lab grows.

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