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Last week I did a talk at Autumn Fair & afterwards was asked a selection of questions on AdWords & Google Shopping, therefore I wanted to create a couple of simple steps for those who were unable to attend on how to grow your eCommerce profits. The topics discussed will be explored in more depth at our upcoming #LabLive event, and if you aren’t sure if you are capitalising on your digital marketing and particularly the Paid Advertising side of the campaign, I highly recommend you book your ticket now.

We Live Online.

This is not brand new information yet we still have businesses coming to us with unresponsive, non-mobile friendly websites and it is having a dramatic effect on their business. Mobile accounts for 66% of visits to eCommerce websites in the UK, if your site is not mobile friendly you are missing out on 2/3 of your potential business!
The world has changed and your business model, strategy and marketing must reflect this. If you are selling on the likes of Amazon and eBay, their sites will be mobile responsive and will allow for your consumers to find products easily, however, they will also find your competitors.
Being mobile friendly should be a given already, if not I recommend you make that your top priority, regardless of industry.
When it comes to AdWords you can adjust your bids for mobiles and tablets. The tablets adjustment has been made VERY recently. Adjusting these can create instant results and save you money.

Google Shopping

So Google Shopping (PLA’s)

Google Shopping
That is what the standard Product Listing Ad looks like, positioned above all the paid and organic results on a search page giving the consumer all the information they need if they were to be searching for your product or brand. Without having to go on a long search through different websites, categories and product pages. It should be focused on making the buying experience easier for your consumer. However, they won’t be buying from you if your information is not clear, succinct and more importantly there.

Make Your Ads Stand out

As mentioned in a previous blog, your website is like your shop window on the high street, if you don’t maintain it, customers may walk right past as you aren’t showcasing what you have to offer.
With Google Ads you have a potentially large amount of digital retail space, in which you must clearly and effectively show your product, as the whole point of Google Shopping is that all the information is there, just as if you were walking around a shop. You see the price, the size and the description, which you would be able to find/see out if you were in a shop without asking for help from a sales advisor.
For example, here is a product listing ad for women’s dresses.
Google Shopping
There are a few best practices for Google Shopping/Product Listing Ads, by following these you will automatically be more attractive to your consumer.

  • Keywords are not used to determine the relevance of your product, so be sure that your product titles and descriptions are naturally keyword rich.
  • Make sure prices are 100% accurate, especially if you are working with any kind of international currency as Google will not show your ad if your pricing information is not correct.
  • Product images, I cannot stress the importance of the quality of your images, they can be the difference between a click that leads to a sale and a missed opportunity. High-quality, non-edited, or watermarked images that show the product you are selling and the product only. Don’t complicate it. Refer back to my methodology of the consumer being in your store, they will see the jeans for instance on a hanger, not in a dark room.
  • Fix product errors to make sure that all your products are eligible to show, for instance, fix invalid images, low-quality images, mobile-friendly product pages, missing information and more.

Another tip that if you do will guarantee to help grow your eCommerce profits is to create custom labels, this allows you to further segment products, based on, for example, seasons, promotions, margins, price and sizes.


Speak to anyone you know, they know about Remarketing, it works. Using remarketing lists for Product Listing Ads will increase impression for shoppers on your audience lists. There are genuine, quick wins to be had here.
Think if you were looking for a tent and then went to a particular site, you then leave this site and carry on with another task. Then you go back and the brand you were on the last time is now higher up in the SERP’s, you are more likely to go to that site.
These are just a couple of tips that I spoke about at Autumn Fair, but by implementing these techniques you can have not only a successful Google Shopping Ads but also you can save yourself money in areas that are not as effective.
If you have any queries about anything discussed on this blog, or in fact anything PPC/Google Shopping related drop me a line at or request a callback.

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