Lab Weekly: New Adwords Interface, Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool & More

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We had our fortnightly Friday morning marketing catch up & bacon butties this morning with some very exciting plans in the pipeline for us all. In this week’s Lab Weekly we discuss Google AdWords releasing a new interface, Google mobile-friendly testing tool having API access and much more.

Adwords Interface

Last March, Google brought to us AdWords interface and they have been improving it over the months and more accounts have been granted alpha access. The head of Google’s search ad has confirmed that it is rolling out to even more AdWords accounts in the upcoming months. Although there is a new interface, you will still be able to switch from new to old with a simple click, which will be necessary for any user as certain functions such as being able to download data is not yet compatible on the new interface.
As Google keeps on adding features to the new user interface, it will be useful for you as a user to keep on checking out the navigation letting yourself get used to the way it work and it will soon become very valuable to you. Below is a picture of what the UI looks like.
A new feature: Advanced bid adjustment menu option. Accounts are selected by Google based on a number of factors, such as the features used, Google has said.

Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

There is now a new tool to be released by Google called the Mobile-Friendly Test API, which will assist you in building tools to test your web pages to define if they will work without issues on a mobile device. It has been confirmed by the creator that it is straightforward to get the hang of with the simple samples that are provided, helping you along the way quickly.
The API Test outputs will include these three statuses below, with a little help as to what it suggests:

  • MOBILE_FRIENDLY – This page you are testing shall be mobile friendly.
  • NOT_MOBILE_FRIENDLY – If this shows, the page is not friendly for mobile devices.
  • MOBILE_FRIENDLY_TEST_RESULT_UNSPECIFIED – While you’ve ran the test, an internal error occurred and you should try it again.

“The API method runs all tests, and returns the same information — including a list of the blocked URLs — as the manual test.” – Google’s John Mueller.

Google Data Studio Removes Free Reports Limitation

Great news!!! Google have announced that on all accounts you can now create an unlimited number of reports in the Data Studio. The free version of the data visualisation and reporting tool was released last year, and between then and now the Analytics team have been adding a library of different reporting templates to make creating reports a lot faster and easier.



Facebook will now be introducing two algorithm updates due to many reports of fake news on the Facebook news feed that has been causing quite a few issues. One of the updates is mainly concentrating on adding real-time signals that are being put into place to improve the importance of news stories. The second update will be to recognise the authentic content, and making sure that it is ranking higher.
1st Update:
When a Facebook post or page is getting a lot of attention and engagement from users, (such as high amounts of likes, shares and comments). A post that has been liked and shared or commented on by a Facebook friend is what will be most visible on your news feed.
2nd Update:
If a publisher has posted a post, it’s Facebook’s job to make sure the content is authentic and worthy. Facebook says, that the authenticity of a piece of content relies on many factors, one being categorizing Pages that will identify if the post is either spam or a post that has been encouraging Facebook users to like, share and comment. This update will be to collect what content is authentic and having it rank at it’s highest.

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