Panda is Keeping UK SEO Experts Busy- But it is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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Google Panda and SEOMore news on the update has been released by Google designed to help give businesses advice on how to build quality sites in light of the recent changes. In the piece was a very useful titbit of information regarding their algorithm that is very interesting reading for SEO companies and website owners alike.

According to Amit Singhal the panda update, which has caused a little of upset in certain circles, is just one of 500 changes that the search engine giant has planned for this year alone.  That means that all UK SEO companies will need to be extra vigilant, and website owners will have to learn to become more flexible and ready to change at the flip of a switch.

SEO & What Google Has to Say

The panda update has meant that many sites have lost their positions in the rankings, and in some cases practically disappeared out of search.  As a sign of good will Mr Singhal released his article on the Google website with some suggestions of how it is possible with seo to improve website and help to get companies back in the running when it comes to gaining the sought after positions on the search engine results pages.

Instead of providing a simply ‘How to’ type document, the article is full of questions that you should be asking when assessing the content on your web pages. These are varied and questions such as:

  • Would you wish to book mark the page, or suggest it to your friends?
  • Is the content similar using slightly differing keywords to get the same message across?
  • Is the article tailored, does it appear to have been rushed?
  • If you compare the page to other sites, does it still have value to the reader?
  • Does the article go beyond stating the obvious?
  • Is their original content, original information and original research?
  • Is the content aimed at subjects purely because they are well used keywords?

SEO  & What to do with the Insight

All of the above questions and the many others which are found within the article can be used to help make a good judgement on how your website will perform.  As a SEO company, it is vital that all these questions are studied carefully, and combine it with other expert knowledge on the subject to help improve client’s websites.

With all the information applied well, and the appropriate changes made there is no reason why you cannot have your website achieve first page results, and in many cases land in the coveted and valuable number one spot.

Another point which is made very clear is that the slightest bit of low quality content will result in the website ranking poorly.  All of the items which are left will need to be removed, replaced or updated to ensure they are able to stand up to all the points raised by Mr Singhal.

As UK SEO specialists, SEOTrafficLab are happy to discuss any areas of concern that you may be facing in regards to your websites performance.  One of the very useful services which are offered by the team includes a full site audit.  This is a perfect way to assess the areas that are not standing up against the expectations set by the search engines.

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