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Great Things Predicted for SEO in 2011

After concerns that social media would kill off SEO it has become apparent that it is still as important as ever with any online marketing strategy.  Search engine marketing experts have foreseen many new trends in the industry for 2011 and already it is beneficial to have a full plan ahead of you for the next twelve months. 
The times are changing so make sure you aren’t left behind
Perhaps the most interesting new movements are the fact that social media presence will continue to thrive and become a more important tool for businesses, large or small during 2011.  Google and Bing both confirmed that they would be using social media as a way to set rankings in their search functions.  Therefore it pays to be ahead of the game, and get your own company seen and heard on all of the available networks.
Social media is just one part of the way that your company will be assessed on its search relevance.  The quality of content will be carefully assessed where ranking is concerned.  It is fairly easy, albeit time consuming, to create numerous blogs and profiles which can help boost the amount of backlinks on the web.  This however will no longer be enough to make the cut.
Unlike previous years the top search engines plan to improve their processes to make sure that spam is not taken into account in their ranking system.  They want to make sure that customers using their services find the best business that can deliver quality and make sure that they give their users the best service possible.
Geo-tagging is another area that has seen some positive advances in the recent months.  The search engine marketing experts have suggested that location will play a key role in their search results.  This can benefit local businesses greatly, and give your business the chance to get to the top of the list without competing with the business giants.
Quality Speaks Volumes
So 2011 seems to be focusing on refining your web presence, quantity is no longer more valuable than quality.  It is more important than ever to make sure that all of your web content, social media streams, blogs and video marketing plans need to be of the highest quality.  This means posts need to be rich, informative and relevant, articles should be of the highest quality and your posts cannot simply be a URL link.
Being able to keep up with the strategies is important to keep you at the top where you can be noticed by all the potential clients waiting to use your service and discover your products.  The old fashioned SEO tools simply won’t cut it anymore; they have now been optimised even more.
SEOTrafficLab are the SEO services company who can help to improve your ranking and traffic with our monthly SEO plans.  Once you sign up for a package you are assigned a SEO consultant who will work with you to build a personalised approach to getting the most out of your business.  We combine article marketing, blogs, social bookmarking in fact anything you need in respect of your online marketing we are happy to deliver on. The main focus of course is to give you excellent material to push your company higher.
To find out exactly how we can work together to get your business fully search engine optimised using the latest techniques you can contact us directly by calling 0800 84 999 33 or email us on

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