The Power of Blogging for Ecommerce SEO

Andrew Birkitt

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There are still a great many businesses out there that don’t appreciate the power that a blog can bring to your site, especially in the world of ecommerce SEO. Blogs are a great means of promoting the exchange of ideas and when it comes to Ecommerce SEO they are a great way of promoting your main website and driving more traffic and potentially more business to the monetised side of your company, Google loves blogs.

Blogs are not a new thing by any means and they have been around now in one form or another for a great many years. Recently however there has been a large surge in the number of people using them to promote themselves or their business and we can certainly say that they are most definitely here to stay.

It can often be very difficult on an ecommerce site to deliver quality content that is fresh and relevant to the market area of your business, especially if the control of your back end system is either complicated or not actually being managed by someone that can make updates and changes without having to contact your developer.

Setting up a blog is a relatively simple process even for the less technically minded of us, and can usually be setup and created within minutes, even if you have to get your developer to do this for you it is still well worth doing, the benefits to your ecommerce site can be amazing. Make sure that whichever way you do this that the resulting blog sits directly on your domain and isn’t separate, so for example your blog would be something like as this is going to greatly benefit your main income site.

As for the package that you use to create the blog there are several good ones out there but we usually recommend using the WordPress platform, it is easily one of the best out there with something like 14+% of the world’s websites being driven by this platform. WordPress is simple to set up, is simple to use and is very SEO friendly with lots of great plugins and add-ons that can make it even more so.

So why does blogging benefit so much?

We have often discussed the importance of content and how content is still and probably always will be king, and a blog is constantly adding fresh and new, relevant content to your site, each time you create a blog post you are creating a new page for your site and as we have said before many times, fresh content is loved by the search engines. Of course the content has to be unique and ensure that you stick to the content of your ecommerce site, it needs to be regular to be of any real benefit as this is still known to be one of the ranking factors given high importance by Google.

Blogging gives any website a great platform but if your business is ecommerce then it is the perfect way to introduce your products and services to potential customers, don’t treat it as just another advert though you need to make the subject enjoyable to your readers and not just a blatant selling tactic. Think of your blog as having your own community with you, your products and services being the centre of your circles influence, give them what they want to read and find interesting and they will come back again and again to read what you have to say and more than likely recommend what you are talking about to other like-minded customers.

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