Facebook Engagement – 3 Social Sins, Mistakes Most Businesses Make on Facebook

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You’ve made a Facebook page for your business, uploaded some content, and now it’s time to start selling, right? While it seems simple enough to have a Facebook page, it’s more difficult in practice when you have to engage with your social media followers. To build a successful Facebook page and keep up with the latest social network trends from followers, you must find a balance between interacting with current and potential customers and trying to sell to them. Avoid three of the most common Facebook engagement mistakes and follow what to do instead.

Mistake #1: Selling relentlessly

Facebook ShoppingWhen businesses never turn off their need to sell, sell, sell, your social network could turn into a social nightmare for your followers. This is where businesses draw the line between traditional marketing and inbound marketing. While traditional marketing grabs your attention by force, inbound marketing such as social media marketing requires a more subtle approach toward drawing consumers in.

Do this instead: Establish your social media presence by engaging with your followers before trying to sell to customers immediately. Businesses can drive more traffic by being helpful and interesting to their followers rather than by building up a following only with the intent to sell. You can engage with customers by responding to them if they have questions about your products or services on your page. Or by rewarding users for participating in a conversion with your brand through promotions or sales exclusive to those who follow you on Facebook.

Mistake #2: Not posting regularly

Facebook PostingYou’ve all seen social media pages that have a dearth of posts and no comments or likes to speak of. You check the date of their last post and discover they updated two months ago. If your business is not keeping up with posting on Facebook, your page will seem outdated and out of touch when contrasted with a constantly changing social media sphere. With your followers’ News Feeds updating by the minute and updating with the latest social network news, your infrequent posts will quickly get lost in the shuffle.

Do this instead: Create a regular posting schedule where you plan and make posts ahead of time. Make the effort to update a minimum of once a day in order to stay current and relevant in the eyes of your Facebook followers. You can post about your business news, blog or website content or simply ask your followers questions.

Mistake #3: Ignoring follower comments

Facebook CommentsSome businesses make themselves too busy in scheduling posts and providing content that they are not interacting with followers themselves. Users join social media in order to actively engage with other users and brands. If users comment on your postings but don’t receive a response from you, they might leave your page disappointed because their comment was ignored.

Do this instead: Let your followers know that you’re listening to their comments. The goal is to have your followers enthusiastic about following your brand and engaging with you in the future. When someone makes a comment on a post, answer their question with a clear and helpful response or respond to their comment in a way that strikes up further conversion with followers. This way, you’ll make your brand personable and likeable to potential and current customers.

When keeping up the latest social network trends and news buzzing around Facebook, your business must stay current and relevant, staying one step ahead of your followers.

‪Through making connections and engaging with your future and potential customers, you can avoid these three common Facebook engagement mistakes and build a loyal following for your brand.

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