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There are multiple elements to consider when it comes to getting a better ROI for your eCommerce store, these are unique to your product type, your industry and your core customer profile. We recommend that you start at the very beginning with your core customer to understand how to make sure they are buying what you’re selling.

Core Customer

The first step to take when you are considering how to get the best ROI for your eCommerce store is to go back to the very beginning and look at your ideal customer and understanding how to make your product appeal to them. We recommend approaching this from the way of creating buyer personas. These are simply a selection of customer profiles that refer to your array of average customers, their buyer’s journey and their buying motivations. Without creating these profiles your marketing activities would be likely to struggle to get relevant engagement and meaningful traction.

You may be directing traffic to your website, for instance, however, if you are not targeting a specific demographic it is likely that the marketing you are spending the budget on will fail to convert your ideal customer. It is increasingly important to understand who your customer is and where they spend their time online so that you can engage with them. Once you understand their motivations you can ramp up your marketing efforts and put time and budget behind different marketing strategies.

Good Product Photography

This may sound obvious, however, when it comes to eCommerce stores, it can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. We have mentioned the importance of good photography regularly and creating a good looking product, however, some stores still use manufacturer’s images or even poorly photographed products. When you find yourself looking through any website looking to purchase, you want to see a clean image.

When shopping online people can’t physically see and touch the products, which is normally an important part of the buying journey and decision stage. Therefore it is vital to accurately capture your product to make the visitor feel as though they know what it would look like. Conveying the details of the products in beautiful photography, with plain backgrounds, well lit and other angles of the products. It is important to consider in situ- photographs as well to illustrate the item as it could look if the buyer were to imagine it in their own house. A fantastic example of a company who does this exceptionally well is Next.

      Better ROI for eCommerce Store - Next Example        

Better ROI for eCommerce Store - Next Example 2

With both an array of obvious images as well as the sideboard in situ to prompt the visitor to imagine the product in their own home. Consider implementing photographs like this where they suit your product category.

Site Speed

Another point that we continue to reiterate in our blogs, but it is still essential when it comes to eCommerce success stories, site speed. We mention in our video on “Selling More On Your eCommerce Store” the impact that a one-second delay can have on your sales and it is dramatic. You can watch the video for free here.

We recommend that you go to GTMetrix and put your eCommerce store’s URL in the box and look at the results. Anything below a B, we recommend you look at the list of tasks that they recommend you proceed with in order to speed up your load time. Some of these tasks you may be able to perform, however, some of them may be more technical in which we recommend that you liaise with your web developer to ask for assistance. If they claim unable to help, drop us an email on and we can offer assistance.


Once the above factors have been taken care of we recommend that you consider implementing an organic search campaign. This will allow you to rank yourself for the products you’re selling and increase the traffic to your website. Although an organic strategy takes longer to see the benefits of, we recommend once you have got all the above in order you implement your campaign as this will allow search engines to direct high-quality traffic to your site.

When optimising your site, your products and your content we recommend that you continue to develop the quality of your site. If you are selling unique products create descriptions that match your product, however, if you are selling manufacturer products we recommend that you still create unique descriptions as this will help you rank for these products. Rather than competing with the manufacturer you can create a unique opportunity to rank for those products.

A seamless organic campaign allows you to put time and budget into those clicks, however by following the steps we have mentioned you are likely to get high-quality clicks through organic traffic. Commonly the first page of Google (the top 10 results) gets 92% of all search traffic. Therefore your return on investment comes in the form of high-quality clicks visiting your website as a result of a well thought-out optimised website.


A paid campaign marries up perfectly with an organic campaign as once you have taken care of those high-quality pictures, content and a site speed, you can focus on directing visitors to your site. A paid campaign can come in three different forms, a search ad campaign, which refers to the text that you see on the SERPS’ page. A remarketing campaign, which targets those who have already been to your site – this is particularly effective for eCommerce stores as it can target a visitor who put an item in their basket and then left and show them to product again.

The third is Google Shopping, now Product Listing Ad’s, this is increasingly effective for eCommerce stores as it allows the visitor to see the product before buying it.

Each of these campaigns can help to direct traffic to your site, following the steps previously mentioned will mean that those visitors are more likely to be pre-qualified when they visit your site as they are already well informed of what to expect from the ad.

In Conclusion

These are a selection of ways that you can squeeze the most money out of your eCommerce store. We have summarised some of these elements in order to illustrate the multiple opportunities that are available to eCommerce stores just like yours. We have created a free video that you can watch in order to truly learn some of the tricks of the trade to sell more on your eCommerce store.

selling more on your ecom store video

We also spend a whole section talking all about the importance of conversion tracking in getting the most out of your marketing campaign and to get better ROI for your eCommerce store you could imagine.
Simply click here to get the video yourself.

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