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It’s been far too long since our last post about our update on ranking for seo Lincolnshire and are plan to focus our seo efforts on 2 other main key terms, seo services company & seo uk.
We really should have updated you on this much sooner as we have had some crazy results. Just 6-7 weeks after we made the post we reached the number 1 position for seo services company in and we have held that position all that time.. Awesome job Andy and the team !!!! (If I say so myself 😉 ) With seo uk, we are currently ranking top of page 3, with more work to do, but watch this space as we have just planned out the next stage of the project and are working to SEO our own site for more and more “nationally” searched terms.
We are still top for both “seo Lincolnshire” and “seo lincoln” and have held these now for over 9 months.
Seo Lincolnshire Position 1
Seo Lincoln Position 1
Seo services company Position 1
Seo uk Position 21… needs some loving ….;-)
Over the last few months we have been testing out many lead generation techniques which of course include seo but we have also been testing direct mail campaigns using some incredible services which have enabled us to directly contact 100’s of local businesses and we have to say it’s been a great success.
If anyone is interested in hearing more please get in contact as we are keen to see if there is scope to offer more of a mixed lead generation service that combines direct mail with some very nifty lead capture techniques we are working on. Get in touch !!!
Finally, many thanks to all our new clients and looking forward to having a great year with you all.

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