When we launched the STL (Seo Traffic Lab) Company site our initial “seo game plan” was to rank for the locality around seo –  seo Lincolnshire, seo Lincoln, search engine optimisation Lincoln & search engine optimisation Lincolnshire.  Although the traffic numbers are low for these terms we were keen to establish ourselves in our own county as specialists in seo.  Almost all of clients were national and international brands/ecommerce companies and we were very keen to gain clients from the Lincolnshire area.

Now 2 months after our site launch we are very please to say that many new clients have contacted us through our organic listings in Google and some have become clients in the Lincolnshire area.

seo Lincolnshire Position 1

search engine optimisation Lincolnshire Position 1

Moving forward we’ve decided to set the gauntlet higher and demonstrate what we can do on a national level.  Ranking for a product or service at a local level is one thing in seo and quite frankly compared with national terms is a lot simpler.  Therefore we have chosen several national seo terms which have decent levels of traffic, these being:

seo services company

seo uk

We currently rank in position 70 for seo uk and 42 for seo services company.  Over the coming weeks are in house team will be beavering away to deliver these key terms to the first page of Google.. watch this space.. we will keep you all updated of our progress… hopefully with awesome resuts.. ;-)..