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Google Instant has not affected the strategic SEO techniques

Although the way that SEO techniques are put into practise are constantly growing, recent research has shown that they are continue to be the backbone of any online marketing strategy.  Technology never stands still and is continuing to introduce new ways to see and be seen on the Internet. There have been some concerns that certain changes may have a negative effect on the white hat SEO methods of online marketing however so far these concerns have proved to be unfounded.

Instant Search Results are Fully Compatible with SEO

Google Instant was one of the new changes to the way search engines show results when you type in a search.  Instead of waiting for you to press the enter key, results are now show instantly and continue to update with every letter that you type.  This utilizes predictive text and many felt that the use of keywords would be adversely affected.
According to recent research Google Instant was merely introduced to increase the users experience online.  The results show up much faster and provide a far more effective way of getting the results from the search engines as quickly as possible.  And it appears that Instant was not a new way to change the way listings are formed which was the concern of many online marketers and SEO experts.
These findings were made by a senior research analysis at Econsultancy, Mr Jake Hird.  He went on to discuss that keywords still remained useful tools in helping the users find relevant information based on their search terms and that SEO methods were still excellent ways to increase online Brand acknowledgement and improve sales. 
He expressed that although the information about Google Instant and the use of SEO marketing had been made available; many companies were still left unsure about how it might have changed their online marketing plans.

Is Your SEO Team Up-to-date?

The latest figures which were released by ComScore showed that Google still remained to most used search engine. They managed to hold 66.6% of the online searches in December 2010. 
At SEOTrafficLab our experts are kept completely up to speed with the constant developments being made by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine providers. 
For any company SEO techniques continue to be an excellent way to build a successful online marketing plan.  We are happy to share our knowledge with your team through our training courses.  We can make sure that your company is kept completely up to speed with all the recent developments.  Our SEO packages can be tailored to suit the needs of your employees and we are more than happy to visit you in house to save you any inconvenience.
We will pass on our knowledge to your marketing team who can then get back to work and put these powerful techniques into practice. 
SEOTrafficLab consultants are happy to come and discuss the power of keywords, and the advantages of PPC and social media.  Our courses don’t stop there, contact us on 0800 84 999 33 or send us an email to

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