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One of the latest reports from Search Engine Watch this week was stating that SEO and PPC could be very effective marketing tools when the two were combined.  Many companies are well aware of the great benefits of SEO marketing strategies as they have become extremely effective and powerful ways of helping businesses grow from strength to strength.  However many have still not noticed the benefits of using both techniques to their advantage.
Alex Cohen’s report stated “You should be doing SEO. You probably should be doing PPC. They work well together”.   The theory of making pay per click a natural competitor to your SEO efforts makes perfect sense. You can practically dominate a whole SERP when your two marketing methods meet thanks to a single search.

Organic Verses Paid Searches

Paid search results will appear ahead of the organic results feed, although the amount that shows up on the SERPs are always limited.  These often attract the most clicks and can be a great way of attracting more traffic to your website, and potential increasing your revenue.  Organic searches can now come in all shapes and sizes.  You can create multiple results all focusing on your company by creating a wide variety of pages full of relevant information.  According to the report the direct sales pages can create more interest, as well as local search pages.
Paid searches can put more pressure on your organic listings as it is important that enough effort is given to these natural link opportunities to make sure that they are highly rated in the SERPs. 

Put the Two Together for a Powerful Marketing Strategy

PPC still have some great advantages and are worth investing in to see the positive effects they can have on your company.  It has also been suggested that using the PPC can help to boost more interest in your more organic SEO marketing methods.
At SEOTrafficLab our experts know exactly how to help you achieve the results you are looking for.  We obviously offer a wide range of SEO services from SEO training, management, bespoke plans and social media for business.  You may not have been aware of our PPC management services which we can tailor to the needs of your company.
We can create, manage and maintain your PPC campaign from start to finish.  You can combine this to work alongside your existing SEO marketing or create brand new strategies which will see your company receive a powerful boost in online traffic and sales.  We are flexible to help you in any way you see fit, and use our expertise to help your campaign return optimum results so that you are sure to see a fantastic return on your investment.
Our PPC consultants have many years of experience and use their expertise to your advantage.  We make sure that we keep our eyes and ears open to all of the changing trends so that you can see excellent results quickly.  To find out more about both our SEO management and PPC management services you can telephone us free on 0800 84 999 33 or email us on for a quotation.

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