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SEO News confirms group change

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Google have confirmed that they have internally changed the name of their search group to the knowledge group as of April 11 2011.  This is the latest move by the brand new CEO, Larry Page, designed to improve the services provided by the company.  This announcement was made public through a SEC filing although there has been very little news released about the changes.

The Changes and the Effects in SEO

You may be wondering what this change of name from search to knowledge has to do with SEO UK.  Well it appears that Google are taking the cause of improving the way the Internet serves the users and are targeted on delivering more information and less spam.  Larry Page has stated that it was the original mission was to organise the information on the Internet and make it easily assessable and right now it appears to be the process of the organisation that is taking priority.

Little Changes can make a Big Difference to SEO

This is just another step in the right direction, and you can be sure that there will be many more to come.  Earlier in the year there were some changes in the company and Marissa Mayer was moved from product lead to the Local team.

Local search is playing a big role in optimisation and can become an effective way to boost search engine result rankings. Therefore helping businesses find local customers as well as expending nationally and internationally. The switch to increase local SEO has been welcomed by small businesses and can be very beneficial to the local communities’ economy in the long term and your SEO Company should be paying attention to this growing area.

Throw Out the Old and Let the Great Stuff Thrive

The internal switch to knowledge is a complimentary change which has been designed to work alongside the latest Google Panda update orchestrated by Amit Singhal. The update has helped to weed out all the poor content, spammed web pages and content farms and made a huge difference to SEO UK marketing strategies.  Now it is time for Larry Page to ensure that all the great original content and useful information is given the chance to thrive and be found by the users.

Both of these changes, one of which has had a lot of publicity, the other kept quiet, have proved to be very interesting to SEO company circles. It appears that there will be no room for the poorly maintained SEO campaigns which are using quantity over quality.  If you want to optimise your website for Google and Bing it is essential to work on making your website worth being found by Internet users.  Give knowledge to your readers and avoid aiming to be simply found thanks to the overuse of a keyword/ search term.

Move with the Times and Update your SEO Campaigns

The experts at SEO Traffic Lab offer a wide range of services all with the same goal in mind, optimising your website and content. Local search is one of the ways that small businesses in the UK are increasing their online presence. 

SEO Traffic Lab can help to establish and maintain your Local Search strategy, call 0800 84 999 33 today to find out how.  Alternatively email the team at and our SEO experts will be in touch with you.

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