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On the 24th of September, SEO Traffic Lab hosted a collaborative event with ten of the most passionate digital marketers in Lincolnshire. Professionals with a range of expertise from Search Engine Optimisation to Digital PR came together to share their knowledge with the attendees. Each speaker added a little bit of magic to the day which resulted in it being a huge success. 

The energy in the room was electric. As it was a live broadcast, all of the speakers and organisers were in the building supporting one another and making sure the day ran smoothly. After all, we know how unpredictable and event destroying that technology can be. 

The team strolled in at 8am, ready for the day ahead, anxious but raring to go! It was the first time that the full event set up was completed and it looked better than anyone could imagine. The banners were a very last minute decision but Your Print Partner had done an amazing job with a short turn around. Don’t just take our word for it, you can check them out below.

The room was set up, the team was ready, it was time to get the show on the road. 

Each masterclass was delivered with passion and enthusiasm and shared implementable strategies to improve business performance and presence. So, let’s delve into the key learning points from each session. 


The first masterclass was delivered by two of our own here at SEO Traffic Lab, Skye Tunks and Richard Hill. They divulged some of our secrets to success with Search Engine Optimisation and showcased how SEO is not a dark art after all (insert shocked face). 

They share information on Local SEO, how to optimise your digital channels to increase your rankings and their new SEO recipe. This provided the attendees with quick wins and actionable insights to improve their online presence. 

The biggest surprise of the day was that Richard actually finished talking on time. I know, 2020 has been a wild year. The credit should definitely go to Jessica Milner, our timekeeping goddess. 

Using the latest paid media features to build a consistent sales pipeline 

Things really started to heat up when the power couple came on stage (not literally, it was a live broadcast, not a pantomime). Ben Clubley and Henry Gill, our Google and Social Ads specialists, delivered their session all about Pay Per Click Advertising. The advertising channel where you can directly measure and evaluate your Return on Investment – that’s why we LOVE it. 

The dynamic duo discussed the power of Google and Facebook Ads and how upholding an integrated approach will maximise results. They shared the latest beta features in Google Ads and how businesses can take advantage of these to increase the effectiveness of their Ad spend. 

Facebook Ads, love to hate them right? They pop up on Facebook when you are trying to be good but they just know what you like, I suppose saving money will have to wait until next month…

Seduction the digital age, creativity and revolutions

When we first looked at James’ slides we were confused. How can a designer talking about portraying a consistent brand image have funny looking drawings with a white background, and no logo? It made no sense in our heads until he started to present. 

All eyes were on him as he relayed the most frequent mistakes that businesses make with their designs and related them in a comedic way to his past girlfriends. I mean who doesn’t love a puzzle with the word twat on?

The biggest learning point has to be about having brand guidelines and communicating them to everyone in the team, both internally and externally. 

How to make video content that your audience actually care about 

If we didn’t already love Ash for live streaming the day, we certainly did after his session. He provided actionable tips and tricks that businesses can do to improve their video content. 

Don’t waste your time, create video content that increases your leads and sales. Otherwise, what’s the point? Likes aren’t going to pay the bills. 

Be agile, keep it simple

Simon’s session was sharp, passionate and fast. His session had one message at its core, be agile and keep it simple. 

He stresses the importance of putting resources into the advertising channels that reach a business’ audience. Why waste five months creating a TikTok strategy, when your target audience is largely over fifty years old?

His finale portrays a very important message if you don’t know how to do something, partner up with someone that does. 

Building revenue streams from within your existing business

This session largely covered why Ryan loves his cats more than everything else, even his wife! 

Ryan shares how every business can incorporate a membership structure to improve customer retention and loyalty. He shared the tools he uses every day to complete his tasks and keep himself organised. 

He even went and created an attendee, selected at random, a membership live on air. 

Digital thinking, digital success

“Don’t create something for the sake of it, instead focus on the outcome rather than simply the output”.

Daniel Westlake’s session was all about how digital thinking equals digital success. He explained how businesses can engage their audiences, focus on the outcome, the five stages of successful services design and how your community can help with business decisions.

He’s not just a whizz with everything digital, he is also a secret dancer.

Let us introduce the Daniel Westlake dance, no choreography needed. 

The joys of a live broadcast. 

The importance of PR to SEO

Kate Strawson (our very own Holly Carless’ idol) came back from her holiday to deliver a session on PR.

Her session delved deep into public relations and how that impacts SEO. She shared the tools she uses to find journalists, why PR is so powerful and how every business can use PR to grow their business and influence people’s perceptions, thus increasing the business’ reputation and brand awareness.

A secret to her success? Wining and dining journalists but shh.

Meet the Sponsors

Our event was sponsored by two incredible businesses, Mosaic Digital Hub and Wallbreaker.

Mosaic Digital Hub is a co-working space in the heart of Lincoln City Centre and where our office is situated (our second home). They have created a collaborative working environment, where businesses and freelancers can work together and expand their offering.

If you are interested in a modern, contemporary and supportive working space, book a tour today and the team will be in touch.

Wallbreaker is a video production company that engages audiences and enhances brands by creating fun, informative and professional video campaigns. They were the people behind the live broadcast. Using us as guinea pigs, with their new equipment, they successfully broadcasted for six and a half hours with very minimal glitches, how amazing is that?

More information about St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

St Barnabas is the leading charity in Lincolnshire providing palliative and end of life care to adults living with life-limiting or terminal illnesses. They are a team of compassionate and incredible people. 

Find out more information about their work here.

 If you are interested in buying five hours of digital marketing content, click here.

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