SEO: A Vital Player in the Heart of your Marketing Campaign

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SEO marketing is still seen as a valuable service which is beneficial to both large and small companies.  With all the recent changes in the way that search engines define a good site, SEO experts are being sought after to help improve the positions of sites in the listings and to ensure that businesses do not find they are banished from the results all together.

Research shows Increased Online Market Budgets

The annual Marketing Budgets 2011 which is published by Econsultancy showed that digital marketing allowances are continuing to grow.  Compared to one year ago, the participants questioned for the survey showed there was a definite increase in the amount of money set aside for online campaigns.  The year on year increase stands at 35% which is an increase by 33% which was highlighted in last year’s report. The recent 2011 report also showed that offline marketing was also seeing an increase, with television advertising up by 8% and radio campaigns up by an impressive 11%. 
Linus Gregoriadis, the Econsultancy Research director stated that companies were far more interested in spending money on the more traditional forms of media in order to increase their website traffic and boost the searches on the Internet.

Offline Advertising Used in Conjunction with Online Strategies

SEO marketing is becoming a vital part of any marketing campaign.  The need to produce excellent content, and understand how to combine all the online elements is worth its weight in gold when it comes to increasing revenue.  However the increased budgets show that you cannot expect this to happen quickly.
SEO and all online marketing is a long term investment.  It is a project which should be an important cog in your entire marketing strategy for your business.   In the past black hat SEO techniques have been used by companies looking for instant results for minimal effort.  These techniques are greatly frowned upon and they can taint the reputation of any company such as J.C Penney’s in the U.S.A.
Using SEO respectfully helps your company’s online presence expand at a natural rate.  Your site will become a great source of information and buying opportunity for all your existing customers, and for all those who are finding your website for the first time.  All the SEO techniques in the world cannot help a company who has a poor website at the other end of their URL links.  In order to make your digital marketing budget worthwhile you need to look at your entire online presence.  And it is essential that it truly reflects your excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction.
Our SEO experts at SEOTrafficLab can help you with your entire online marketing strategy.  From producing a website which is worth having your name associated with it, managing your blogs and social media campaigns, PPC and local search performance.  Our focus is to optimise your web pages to help you get the recognition you deserve which will compliment your offline marketing perfectly. 
We have many years of experience and keep our eyes focused on all the areas of change in the SEO world to ensure that we deliver you the best service possible.  Please contact our team on 0800 84 999 33 for all direct enquires about our bespoke SEO plans, alternatively you can email us at

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