Is the SEO world in need of its very own Robin Hood?

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The rich get richer and the poor get poorer:

Search engine providers have come into a lot of stick in recent years over their unjust ranking system. Through favouring the larger and already successful websites, Google and the like have successfully managed to make an online life incredibly difficult for the world’s average sized business. It seems that now that the page one of results consists more of authority than it does relevance.

The hierarchy of SERP positions

The majority of webmasters would be happy with an SEO strategy that got them onto page one of Google, but they really shouldn’t be satisfied with just that. A recent report from Chatika has revealed that every rank takes a drastically diverse share of the traffic. This unfair, and exponential division of traffic could be compared to the stakes of a large, multi table poker tournament. The winner takes a massive share with the other players enjoying a proportionately less amount depending on their position.
The data showed that the top spot listing enjoyed over 35% of the page’s traffic, with the 4th rank getting as low as 7%. What is even more alarming about the data is when you consider the change from the bottom of page one (rank 10) and the top of page two (rank 11). These two positions show a change of 143% in traffic. So, basically, searchers care not for the second page of results. What in-house SEO teams can learn from this is that once they have landed page one, they seriously need to make their way up to the top four.

But does this alter depending on whether the traffic has a buying intent?

Arguably yes. Some reports from separate sources have shown that traffic that select the first ranking of a results page are less likely to make a purchase on that website. SEO experts have said that this is because those looking to spend money look more for relevance than authority. They will settle for a lesser ranking if it will save them money. Does this mean potential buyers might be checking page two? Maybe.
What the Chatika report stresses the most, though, is the need to continually apply an SEO tactic to a website. Webmasters may see a slip from rank #2 to rank #4 as acceptable but they really shouldn’t. The drop in traffic from any position is colossal. Just simply being on page one alone is simply not enough.
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