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SEO is an incredibly diverse technique. Incorporating everything from keyword research to brand reputation it’s not uncommon for someone new to SEO to feel a little overwhelmed with things to remember. However if you’re new to SEO there is one thing that you just simply can’t afford to forget. Link Building. Absolutely essential for mainstream SEO success, the method works to increase a website’s level of authority – in the eyes of the search engines at least.
Link Building – the political side of SEO
Link Building is the process of attaining links to your site from other people’s websites. If enough links are built up to your website the search engines will deem your website more helpful, important and informative, and will raise your search rank accordingly. In politics whoever gets the most votes has the right to be in charge; at the top. Building up links is much like the building up of votes, raising you higher and higher to the top level of authority.
But how?
Link Swapping: The easiest way to attain a link from another site is to link swap. Place a link to their website and they’ll give you one back. This is a very fair approach that allows webmasters to boost their rank whilst investing no real time or money into the raise.
Article Marketing: You can also attain back links artificially. This can be done by writing articles closely related to your industry or service, and submitting them to article directories. The directories will allow you to leave a link to your site at the bottom of the article.
Professional Charm: Those that have been in industry for many years can use their experience to charm webmasters in to giving them links. If you consider yourself to be well informed and personable, then it’s worth a shot.
Relevance and Quality
Back links to your website will be much more valuable to you if they are from a relevant and respected source. If you sell shoes then attaining a link from a shoe designer or stylist will be much more valuable to you then just some random blog site. The crawlers recognise a website linked by a relevant source as authoritative. Another thing to remember is the quality of the links you attain. You should be aiming to receive links off websites that boast an abundance of traffic, a first page rank for a variety of terms, and non-fraudulent content. A national news network makes a good example.
Here at the SEOTrafficLab we strive to offer the UK’s leading SEO service. Our team have years of experience in the SEO industry and understand what it takes to get a website moving up the SERP’s. From Social Media to Link Building our packages offer our clients a complete online marketing solution.
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