Six Simple Steps To Google Ad Grants For Your Charity

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What Are Google Ad Grants?

Google wants to make sure that it was providing a service that was available to all businesses, regardless of size, monetary value or marketing goal, they are doing this through Google Ad Grants. Their paid marketing approach has previously only been available to businesses that are able to afford the spend attached to their AdWords platform.  
Unfortunately, most NPO’s are unaware of Google Ad Grants. The entire scheme offers unprecedented $120,000 of free in-kind advertising for charities and NPO’s to raise awareness of their work.
Although charities commonly partake in online marketing in some form, through a blog or via social media, Google lets you take your marketing efforts to the next level. Ultimately allowing registered charities the chance to compete for exposure within its search results through the ad listings at the top of the search engine results page. Ultimately growing your revenue.
Marketing is an essential part of any NPO as it is important to increase the awareness of the activities as well as drive engagement of your brand. This should, in turn, increase support, and where relevant, donations.
Previously, charities have been unable to invest a large amount of spend on digital marketing as quite simply their budget does not allow for such activities. Over the last 13 years, Google has really opened the door to the opportunity for NPO’s to have the chance to have the same exposure as many SMB’s. As a Digital Marketing agency, we know that most SMB’s would jump at the opportunity to have $10,000 a MONTH of in-kind Ad Spend.
As big advocates for this scheme we have created an SEO Traffic Lab Guide To Google Ad Grants. Download our easy to follow whitepaper here to see how your charity can be revolutionised with the help of the Google Ad Grant.
Google Ad Grants
There are Six Simple Steps that an NPO just like yours can take to get your hands on $120,000 Ad Spend a year, these can be found in the whitepaper in more depth but ultimately take these steps.  

  1. Check Eligibility.The Ad Grant Scheme is available to all registered charities. To check your eligibility head here. There are only a couple of checks, you must be a registered charity and must be based on an eligible country.
  2. Apply If you fit the eligibility criteria set out in the above step, it is time to apply for the grant. Once you have confirmed the eligibility elements you will be taken to the next section where there is an  “Apply to Google Ad Grant” button.
  3. Follow The Steps Once you have gone through to this page, you will have another set of questions that go into further depth as to the application of your charity.
  4. Tech SoupThis is the most complicated part of the application, don’t let the name fool you. Tech Soup is a third party site that will provide you with the validation token that you need to be considered. As an agency, we have worked through many Tech Soup validation processes so if you hit a roadblock here or get confused by the process, simply drop us an email on or call us on 01427 619522.
  5. We Wait 
    Following the application and the validation code with Tech Soup, it is over to Google to decide on the success of your application. The Ad Grant acceptance process can take anywhere from a matter of days to months. Regularly check back with the email that you used to apply for the grant.
  6. Register If you are successful in your application, the next step is simply to register your details for the Grants. There will be a link to the email that you receive or it can be found here.

Google Ad Grants
There are conditions to using the grant, which we detail within our whitepaper guide to Google Ad Grants. Simply download it and save it and use to make sure you are making the most of $120,000 of Ad Spend.

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