Social Login, How Can it Benefit Your Business?

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We have always been advocates of the use of social sharing buttons on ecommerce websites and we don’t mean just having a like us or follow us button on the home page of your website, we mean having social share buttons on your product pages, after all we all understand that there is no better advertising by word of mouth and social shares are an online equivalent.

Social Login & Social Sharing

But, if you already have all of this implemented on your ecommerce site what is the next step for assisting your website to convert better and increase engagement. With more and more of us spending increasing amounts of time on the web and in particular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ then the next logical step has to be ‘Social Login’.

What is Social login?

Simply put Social Login is a means to access 3rd party websites without the need to register with that site by using the credentials already held by social networking sites such as Facebook. It works by linking logins from one or more social networking sites to your ecommerce site by the use of widget or plug in thus negating the need for a new user to register their details which in turn helps reduce the abandonment rate at the shopping cart.

With on average 75% of all online purchases not occurring because of shopping cart abandonment and 40% of consumers preferring social logins over creating a new account then it seems to make logical sense that this is the way forward for many online businesses.

How does it benefit you and your customers?

Almost 65% of adult users of the internet are now registered with at least one social networking account, and in general once they are logged into the account they don’t log out again while they continue to use the internet for other things such as shopping online. Pinterest, which is currently one of the fastest growing social platforms actually require users to login through Facebook or Twitter to even create an account.

Social login helps to give customers an easy one click way to access your website using their preferred social identity, eliminating the need to create and store passwords making the registration process much simpler and safer.

Because these social networks already have the details available to them it is easier for you to personalise their shopping experience with most networks allowing you to pull such details as a photograph, contact details (including in many instances email) which all help improve the customer experience and allow you easy ways to contact your customers.

If you want to see some more details facts and figures then take a look at the great Infographic by Monetate, just click on the image at the top of this post.

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