Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Small Local Business in Lincolnshire?

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Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Small Local Business in Lincolnshire?
First of all, let’s cut short what Social media is and what you think Social Media is.
When we talk about Social Media, what exactly are we talking about?
I know you hear it every day, but you Facebook don’t you? I mean, who hasn’t got a Facebook and Twitter page? and Tweets….what on earth are Tweets? a platform to communicate with others in only 140 characters! These are just two platforms you can use to represent you and your business online in form of a micro blog! Oh! and what about foursquare, friendfeed, googlebuzz, yelp, bebo, blogging and you tube? To name but a few.
It’s all for kids and celebrities right?
Wrong…..and before you ask, yes it should be and is being used by businesses in Lincolnshire and added to your companies marketing mix.
Let me explain here with some known facts.
On average there are over 90m tweets per day. 90% of Tweets are available to the public, and 25% of tweets contain links 3/4 of Fortune 500 companies and other top media and advertising firms around the world had a Twitter account in December 2009.
Globally, Facebook has 500 million users (equivalent to 1 in 12 people on the planet), with 26 million Brits on the site. There are over 700,000 Business pages on Facebook. These snap shots of the two most popular social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter demonstrate how and why Social Media Marketing should be a part of the marketing for any business in Lincolnshire. So am I saying that when you advertise your business on these platforms you can expect hundred and thousands of sales? …….no.
Although Facebook does have an advertising platform, similar to Google ad words pay per click, and twitter are now starting to add Adverts in to the streams, Social Media marketing is about the following key elements.
Your goal as a business is to be able to build a relationship with your target customer base, now and in the future. How? Simply by engaging with them on Facebook and Twitter, plus the other platforms that are available to you.
No, I am not talking about potential marriage; I am talking about conversation and listening. Do you remember when your business would advertise in the local paper or telephone directory, hoping that someone may just call your business? Times have changed, so Imagine now being able to hear what it is people want, identify what they are talking about and being able to engage with them, chat and make them aware of you have what they are looking for but in way you start to build a business relationship! Never before has there been an opportunity for businesses to laser target their potential customers today and in the future using Social Media Marketing.
In my next blog post, I am going to go in depth with Linked In and tell you how it can and will benefit your business.
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