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There are many debates which are focusing on the best ways to get the most out of social media networks for business purposes.  Although many people may feel that sites such as Facebook and Twitter are ideal for your public relations department to work with, it is also vital that you incorporate your SEO strategies alongside your PR to achieve maximum benefits out of this huge social trend.

Social Networking is the Ideal Platform

Ubisoft have hit the headlines this week die to their Facebook promotion which is underway to celebrate the fact that they have reached one million likes on their page.   Fans of Assassins Creed have chosen to follow their page simply to show that they are in support of the popular gaming franchise.
As a thank you to their followers, and to attract more attention they are offering several special offers which can only be received once an individual has become a fan.  This includes discounts, access to a video made by the Assassin Creed developing team and exclusive prize giveaways to their followers. This shows the perfect way of using a social media network to its full potential. 

SEO Can Walk Hand in Hand with PR

Using the Internet as a way of reaching out to your client base as well as the masses is a very important element of building a well-known company.  PR has always been used as a tool to talk to the public and draw attention to your services or products as well as your company branding.  This however is now proving to be less effective if it is not combined with SEO.
SEO is the way of optimizing your information online so that it is more likely to be seen and as a direct result of this your business can grow.  There is little point these days in releasing any kind of press release without incorporating SEO strategies which have been proven to work.
PR teams are using social media networking to talk to the public.  These sites have huge followings and therefore are ideal places to market your company and achieve direct contact with individuals.  However useful this tool is there are many companies who are managing to use the social media networks in a far more effective manner.
These are the businesses that have combined their public relations team with their SEO planning.  You can combine these two areas and find that your online presence is greatly improved.  Your pages can be found and your voices heard on a much higher level when compared to companies who have no SEO management in place.  SEOTrafficLab run very successful training courses with our expert consultants. 
 These courses are ideal to help your PR or marketing employees to learn how to implement the SEO strategies effectively and stay fully up to date on the frequent updates made in the search engines algorithms.
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