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Despite all the hype surrounding social networking it appears that many businesses are still not making use of social networking tools.  This has been a clever and modern marketing technique for a short while now, but the stigma surrounding the sites has stopped companies from getting involved.  As stated on the Hitwise site, ‘social networks are ignored at a marketer’s peril’.
On the Google Blog a recent post informed readers about an update in Google Social Search.  This is a service which was introduced back on 2009 which was an experiment to see how the search could be tailored to give the users more relevant results.  After many updates the Google team have now released Social Search all over the globe.  Which is why SEO UK must make sure that social media is used in their strategies and marketing campaigns.

So How Does Social Search & SEO UK Differ From ‘Normal’ Search?

The idea behind social search is that when a user types in a keyword into the search bar, the results will combine a mixture of PPC listings, organic/SEO listings and now social listings will be mixed in as well.  If the user has a friend who has written a blog concerning the keyword, or liked specific pages on the web which are relevant, these URLs will appear higher up in the search results pages.
What’s particularly interesting to businesses and a SEO UK company such as SEO Traffic Lab, is that Google clearly state that these social results can appear anywhere on the page. All items such as shared links on Twitter and other networking sites will be included and the user will be informed which friend has shared the link or authored the page.

And What Effect Can this Have on Businesses

In terms of SEO UK techniques, this update is very interesting.  Social Search is now rolled out in 19 different languages and this just goes to show the power of social networking, this is a worldwide phenomenon and it is not going away.  For businesses that are involved in social media and blogging it may be easier for them to find themselves on the first pages of the results pages.  This is a valuable place to be and will encourage targeted traffic who know that the link was appreciated by a friend.
In your SEO UK strategy it is important to get yourself socially seen via as many social networks as possible, and writing a current blog is highly recommended.  On blogs there are links for readers to easily share through the social networking and social bookmarking sites such as Twitter and Digg.  The more interaction you can achieve, the more people will find your pages appearing on the search engine results pages.

Have the Inclination but Not the Time?

The issue of time is often a big issue with businesses looking to work on their SEO UK campaigns.  Social networking does eat into time, but the benefits are making it so valuable that it cannot be ignored. SEO Traffic Lab offer blog management for situations like this.  They have the time to make sure your blog is optimised which organically improves the ranking of your site, and now it will serve to help it appear in social search too. Call 0800 84 999 33 for more information on SEO UK blog management and social media.

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